Your fave makeup sites

  1. I only have one to contribute: I just joined and am lurking like crazy. there are seriously gifted women over there!
    It made me go out and buy some new stuff at my local MAC :p

    What are your favorite links regarding makeup, beauty, hair... ?
  2. I love their reviews but the boards are a bit unorganized... or do I not get how it works? It looks like a random succession of topics...?
  3. I LOVE makeupalley. I've actually never been to the boards, but love the reviews section. I have seriously found some products there that I can now not live without.
  4. ^me too!!! ;)
  5. I love makeupalley and spektra, I am a member of both boards. I also really enjoy a Delphi forum called Be Beautiful Cafe. Lots of mineral makeup users on that board, it is a great bunch of ladies!
  6. I love browsing the Sephora website whenever I can (though it is a bit difficult to resist buying!). I also surf the QVC site a lot because I wear BE and they have tips and updates on there. I agree that Make-up Alley is a fun one too.
  7. I agree, I signed up for their boards a long time ago but never go on because reading it makes me dizzy!
  8. I agree that it's a little messy sometimes. I mainly hang out on the makeup and perfume forums which do not move as quickly as the cafe so they are easier to read. I started out with the reviews first though and still find that area very helpful!
  9. I am so glad to read that others think that the makeup all boards are a mess. I seriously thought I just wasn't getting something and that I was the only one who needed to take a Tylenol after trying to navigate through them. LOL.
  10. specktra, makeupalley, makeup411 (have MU on movies), and of course (besides other brand sites like Giorgio Armani Cosmetics and Chanel)
  11. More sites just keep jumping to mind... ivillage has really good message boards for all topics including makeup.
  12. :heart: Specktra and makeupalley (for reviews only!)