Your fave Choos for work

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  1. I've always looked at the strappy sandals for going out, never the basics for work. What are your faves/classic styles? Thanks!
  2. I really like the Heidi in Black. The heel is low enough to walk in for a while. And teh detailing is so cute. The trim on the camel color gets dingy looking quickly though so I suggest black.
    I have the classic Eleven and even though they are a plain, basic pump I have received quite a few compliments on them.
  3. I do wear my jasmin strappy sandals when I just have work in the office. I like the jazmin pump and hope to get a pair soon.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! I have tried on the Elevens and thought I might go for those - I need a break from CL :p
  5. Here is a pic of the Heidi. I love them!
    IMG_1648.jpg IMG_1642.jpg IMG_1644.jpg
  6. ^ those are great!! :heart: how do they feel by the end of the day? ;)
  7. They're not bad. The heel is low so they don't hurt in that way but they are pointy so my toes do get smooshed. As long as I don't have to do a ton of walking, I'm fine.
  8. The kidskin boots are fabulous.
  9. Not sure of the style name, but when I was job interviewing this summer I swore by my black Choo pumps with the gold trim on the heels!! worked like a charm...I got the job!
  10. I wear boots alot. These are my new Fudge tobacco boots I will be wearig this year.:heart:
    choo boots.jpg
  11. Elevens are my favorite. So simple. But now I have to check out the Heidis!!! Love the toe cleavage!!

  12. Love them!
  13. I just bought the Onele patent bootie ... I hope they end up being comfortable!
  14. oh these are adorable!! Thank you for posting pics

  15. I really like those!:tup: