Your fav mid range designer bags?

  1. Ok we all know what are fav high end designer bags are. What bags and designers in the mid price range do you like?
  2. I think Russell and Bromley make some very good bags, I also like Antik Batik and Megan Park.

    Marc by Marc Jacobs and Mui Mui are also excellent, although, slightly more expensive.

    Oh and I almost forgot Felix Rey, I love these clutches:

    In black...


    ...or gold...


    Felix Rey*-* Leather Bow Clutch*-* Neiman Marcus
  3. ^^ The gold is drool-worthy!
  4. I know! :yes: I posted it on the birthday money thread, but I just couldn't resist posting it here, too! :nuts:
  5. I have a couple of Botkier triggers which are excellent for carrying my EOS in.
  6. I love goldenbleu:
    The leather is wonderful. I own a few goldenbleu bags, a couple chloes, and a marc jacobs, and I have to say the goldenbleus have the nicest leather.



    And I love the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag:
  7. OHHH...Love this one! Where can I find it?? TIA

  8. I love the Rebecca Minkoff bag too!
  9. Francesco Biasia makes wonderful bags at a great price-
  10. I really enjoy my Hayden Hartnett also. The leather is simply amazing and better than most of the higher end bags.
  11. the rebecca minkoff bag is all over the place, but that pic is from Shopbop. I think people is having some sort of promotion with rebecca minkoff so you can get the green one at like 20% off or something.
  12. I really like Kooba and Furla for modrange designers.
  13. I like Marc by Marc Jacobs :heart:, Bulga...
  14. miu miu
  15. Anna Corinna.... I SWEAR i am in LOVE with her stuff. It's nice, the leather is soft, the bags are BIG (I LOVE big bags) and there are tons of colors...
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