Your Fav Ice cream?

  1. What's your fav ice cream?
    All start I love Haagen Dazs Light cherry fudge truffle! YUM:P
  2. Believe it or not I love the cheap icecream theres this ice cream company called Hersheys it's not affiliated with Hersheys Chocolate. They make a Neopolitan Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry in the block package. I love that stuff. They put real strawberry bits in to it's soo good.
  3. I love Haagen Dazs Light Dulce de Leche. Their light ice creams are all really good, though. I also love the cake batter flavor from Maggie Moo's.
  4. Hagen Daz Carmel Cone & Ben & Jerry's Pistachio
  5. Ginger ice-cream!! The second favorite is sesame ice-cream, followed very closely by greentea ice-cream.
  6. Rocky Road!!! - pretty much any brand but Haagen Daaz is my fave!:nuts:
  7. Edy's Mint Chocolate Chip or Bluebelle Cake Batter, both wonderful!
  8. I love butter pecan, Publix brand moose tracks and Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup :nuts:
  9. I love this brand called Toscanini's in harvard square....they make it fresh every day and the flavors are unlike any ice cream I've had....burnt caramel is my favorite followed by fresh mint
  10. baskin robbins vanilla chocolate chip and haagen daz coffee ice creams
  11. Rocky road, butter pecan and chocolate chip! Any brand will do!
  12. Ben and Jerry's New York Fudge Chunk
  13. i LOVE ice cream and my favorite 3 are:

    ben and jerry's low fat frozen yogurt half baked.
    coffee flavored ice cream.
    cookies and cream flavored ice cream.

    but if i HAD to pick, it would have to be half baked. YUM.
  14. rocky road
    mint chocolate chip
    rum raisin

    in that order.....
  15. i have a lot..haha..i admit it!im a SUGAR ADDICT!!!

    haagen daz:cookies' and cream (the best i swear)..and they use to have this chocolate chip cookie dough dynamo..TDF!!!

    Coldstone:banana strawberry with graham crackers and white chocolate chip

    Baskin robbins:mint chocolate chip

    and also ice cream from 21 choices and pink berry..