your fav cereal and have you ever eaten an entire box of it in two days?

  1. i have -- honey bunches of oats to be exact.

    i don't cook well and get tired of eating the same things that i can do well -- eggs, sausage and grits.

    but i love cereal. and i thought they had stopped making my all time fav a few years ago. i was wrong, ran across them online and ordered some! (i also found out that they are only in select stores now and are considered "hard to find" according to kellog's website)

    just bought four boxes of them!
    so yummi!

  2. WOW!!!! I want some right now!!! :nuts:
  3. i don't think i have finished a box in 2days. but after reading this thread, i went to rummage the cupboard for some cereal:lol:. i'm having kellogs special k with fruit&yoghurt.
  4. I won't finish a box in 2 days. But some of my favs are Special K vanilla almond and berries and yogurt. I want some now.
  5. Cocoa Krispies, and yes, I've been through a box in 2 days, possibly less. When you're in college, sometimes you end up eating cereal for 3 meals a day. And of course, using the biggest bowl you have. :rolleyes:

    And YES I have...when I was pregnant with my oldest. Actually, I ate the entire box in one sitting. I was about 8 months into the pregnancy and was on maternity leave so I had plenty of time to bum it and eat whatever I wanted and however much.
    Do they still make them. I haven't seen Waffle Crisp in grocery stores in a while.
  7. ;)during my pregnancy i ate a whole box everyday
  8. 2 days? more like 2 hours... :wtf:

    special k with berries is my fav.
  9. Froot Loops and Frosted Flakes OMG I love cereal!
  10. Lucky Charms!!!! My friend told me to try them when I went to Florida back in June. I LOVED them. Once I got back I got a few HUGE packs from some importing website.. they were like $12 per pack LOL.. but so worth it!

    She also told me to try Froot Loops, but I didn't really like them.
  11. My favorite cereal is Fruit Loops. I have a sweet tooth and yes, I have finished the entire box for breakfast.--i'm not a Fruit Loops monster:smile:, I'm a petite 5'4, 110 lbs person.
  12. Yeah, two days is actually a long time for a box of cereal to stick around with me. I don't eat the too sugary ones though so I think it's ok for the most part. I like to just have the box next to me while I watch TV. I figure it's better than potato chips. I just finished off a box of Corn Flakes and a box of Special K. Those are probably my favorite although I really like Rice Chex as well. I tend to only have it with milk on occasion though because I notice the milk gives me heartburn.
  13. What a blast from the past! I used to love treats cereal. I love cereal, but I haven't had any in years! My fave would have to be soggy frosted mini-wheats!! Yum! Has anyone ever had cereal with Chocolate milk? I think it sounds fabulous!
  14. i love cereal. i've been eating relatively healthy ones recently like kashi, cheerios, and special k
    but i loveee fruit loops! lol.
  15. When I was 12 or 13, I used to go through boxes of Oreo O's like CRAZY!

    Now my favorite cereal is Count Chocula or Grape Nuts with some honey.