Your fav bags under $2000

  1. I need advice from the chanel experts in this forum. Please let me know what bag under $2000 that you love.
    Photos too please :smile:
    I am on a budget and dying to buy myself a chanel bag, and all your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Diamond stitch tote! Pics in the reference library.
  3. GST or Medallion - I think they're still under $2000.
  4. ^ I think a GST is somewhere around $2100. A smaller size, or PST is under $2000 though.
  5. I like the wallet on chain!!!
  6. My favorite is the clutch and the E/W flap
  7. Yep, after the Nov 1 increase the GST is over $2000.
    I personally love the Ultimate Soft. A great value for the size and lambskin leather.
  8. I like the timeless clutch and the east west. I also like the Diamond stitch tote which is currently $1995.
  9. i like the diamond stitch tote too, and melrose satin or melrose jersey cabas...
  10. Black Patent Timeless Clutch:tup:
  11. Under not going to get you a very big bag :tdown:

    I love my timeless clutch, got it in the always classic black caviar. I paid $895 for it but it must be around $1100 or $1200 by now.

  12. Sadly not much to choose from under 2K - I think the only other bag I didn't see mentioned was the Cert tote.
    I was at the Rodeo Drive Chanel today and was told that will be going up to over 2k soon.
  13. Cerf is the one I'd go with. It's now called the 'Executive'

    Also, the E/W is still under 2k, no?
  14. E/W is now $1795, but I like agree with ItsMyWorld with the ultimate soft, both the smaller and larger sizes are under 2K.
  15. Not sure if the reissue is under USD$2k?