Your Fashion Mission Statement

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  1. Thought this would be fun...What is your fashion mission statement? How do you want everyone to see you/remember you fashion wise?

    Working on mine right now..
  2. Don't have an exact mission statement. But I aim for stunning, glamorous, classy, not overdone, chic all in one.
  3. Classic, elegant, understated.
  4. Easy, I think my fashion statement would be "Girl Meets Boy". I'm never too feminine, I always edge out my clothing by pairing feminine pieces with very masculine cuts and shapes. But even now, I'm always wearing one piece of black clothing. My friends know me for this.
  5. This is a totally fun idea for a thread!

    NYCfashion - which designers do you think best give you that look? (Expensive or not expensive lines - doesn't matter.)

    And you, Bitten? Love to know.

    Xlana - "Girl Meets Boy" LOL VERY cute. And I think the "signature" black idea is cool.

    Mine is Drag.

    Artsy, elegant, lovely Drag for when I am artist in public. Comfy, paint-spotted Drag for when I am painting, etc.

    Classy gray and navy business Drag when I am superbusinesswoman.

    Whatever is warm, toasty, and comfy when I do at home writing is called Winter Drag. Cool for Summer Drag.

    Pug Drag covers all. I LUV cuddling my pug. Silks, whatever are secondary in importance to cuddling cute little Peaches.
  6. Professional and casual styles, as I'm a teacher. But love to rock a blazer, jeans, boots, and a hot bag too. :rolleyes:
  7. "I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a North Face Denali jacket & Ugg boots."

    I believe that says enough, LOL!
  8. Vinyl, LOL!
  9. This is a great thread!

    Right now I'd like people to think of me as Audrey Hepburn as she played Holy Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Cute, Elegant, and always deserves the best....

    Vinyl LOL!!!!
  10. Casual,classic, on trend but not overdone.
  11. Thank you! Honestly though, I don't wear black on purpose, it just matches with every color possible so it's easy to pair everything and anything with it!
  12. mine is more on the simple with an edge...and bring the "me" out....hahahaha :P
  13. I think Alexander Pope said it best:
    “Be not the first by whom the new are tried, nor yet the last to lay the old aside.”
    I strive to be classic, simple, and to let my clothing work for me instead of against me.
  14. I am comfy and classy!

    I would much rather rock a pair of dress slacks with a fitted tshirt and a scarf over jeans and a sweater ANY day!!! I LOVE that look more than anything!!!

  15. Long list but...

    Shoes: Gucci (esp. for leather boots), Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti, Steve Madden (for summer sandals mainly)

    Tops: Bebe and Marciano ( you have to be selective though some of the things in these stores can look cheap but I have come across great pieces esp. sweaters), Vince, random brands I find at nordstroms

    Jeans: J Brand, 7 for all mankind

    Dresses: Diane Von Furstenburg, Milly, Bebe, Marciano

    Bags: YSL, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace( rarely but when I find one boyy do I find one),botkier

    Stores: Intermix, Saks, Nordstroms, Bergdorfs