Your fantasy special order!

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  1. If you won a free special order (in my dreams, I know! :graucho:), what style and material would you choose?

    I'd want an EB decollete, for sure!

    Or a red patent Iowa Zeppa...
  2. I am wicked boring. My top three ATM, in no particular order:

    - Simple 100 in the "Lem" blue laminato nappa
    - Roccia python VP, burgundy tip
    - Dark grey suede Mad Mary (since it's a fantasy SO, I get to SO something that's not on the list :P)
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    Pink satin Madeleine with brown leather tip and heel
    Aqua paillettes Clichy 100
    EB suede Clichy 120
    White patent Declic 140
    Blue satin Decollete
  4. so when we were @ the madison store for the second portion of the NYC meetup, i made the *super* exciting discovery that the supplier of the lizard skins for the special orders was just recently acquired by H, and has been an H supplier for a while! so now my new dream is to get one pair of SO pigalles in exactly the same material as each of my baby B's! hence, ficelle lizard birkin, ficelle lizard 120 pigalles / marron fonce kelly, marron fonce 120 pigalles, etc.
  5. ^^socalboo told me that H does the stitching on one of the new shoes, the City, too.
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    1. Nappa Prune (purple) Rolandos
    2. Solid or Multi-hued Satin Purple Armadillos
    3. Triclo's purple or purple greasepaint Rolandos

    Lots of purple, but it is my favorite color and it always make me sad that there aren't enough CLs in my color or when there is, its either all gone or in a style I want. But that's what this thread is for right, fantasize, fantasize, fantasize!
  7. Mine would have to be mint green patent Pinups and EB Clichys 100.
  8. Well, i kind of don't want to give away my fantasy SO as i am hoping to get it done in a few months ... i will say the style is Catwoman, my fav:heart:
  9. That sounds mysterious Savvy !

    I would love to have the Ariella Talon in a really deep purple ( like the patent ronrons ) I can't decide whether I'd rather have patent or leather though
  10. Lilac suede Ron Ron 85
    Peacock suede Decolletes
    Dark red croc New Simples

  11. One of my favorite exotics is eel skin, so I'd love a pair of VPs, Yoyos or Decolletes in an Eel skin. Not sure what color yet, but I tend to prefer neutrals so something in a brownish, black, gray, etc. color.
  12. I'd love a pair of vibrant purple croc declic 120..:love: (and a Birkin to match!!)
    Or a VP in the multicolor pink (or blue) python that the declics come in, with a gold (maybe rose gold?) tip:drool:
    Or EB Croc NPs, with silver (pewter?) tip/heel!
    Or dark purple orstich leg decolletes..:heart:
    maybe a pair of purple lizard declics, or red, or blue..!:cloud9:
    aqua blue satin Lady Gres..
    dark blue paillette VPs (like NGGs pigalles) would be lovely too, but maybe these are made already? PM me if you see them!!

    I need to SO something soon...:yes:
  13. Easy! :biggrin:

    White (or ivory... depends on the dress) satin Fiorellino 100 with swarovski crystals on the heel, too- a la Christina Aguilera.

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  14. Black lizard with taupe lizard trim jaws - but waaaayyy to expensive now
    Fiorellinos in a bright color - saving this for another time
    Peach pinups - not an option

    So I'm going with something else, working out the details with the boutique now and I'll keep you all posted.
  15. i would :heart: the black & white rodarte's they are my dream shoe!