Your Fantasy LV Ad Campaign

  1. who would you love to see in an LV ad campaign?

    id be all over a Milla Jovovich campaign -- shes smokin hot
  2. um, me, obvi :p

    i'd like to see Milla Jovovich too; she has that edgy look to her. and for some strange reason, Kate Walsh :confused1: (or similar); she has that stature. somehow i keep picturing ads that featured Christina Ricci and photos of Audrey Hepburn with her Speedy: very structured, dark-haired, fair-skinned types for brands as classic as Vuitton. kind of like Snow White :lol:
  3. your comment made me think of an edgy candidate who i think would be great -- Shirley Manson (lead singer of Garbage) -- she was in the viva glam campaign with Mary J Blige and Elton John, and did a campaign with Calvin Klein in the late 90's. Shes very very fair and has gone back to her rich deep red hair color.
  4. :yes::yes: Cool.. she is hot.
  5. I want to see Zhang zi yi.
  6. The Pussycat Dolls slutting it up on a couple of LV trunks.

  7. me too! i think its high time they feature an Asian celebrity. Ziyi is the best choice :tup:
  8. how about Maggie Cheung? a classic asian beauty...
  9. I would like to see shilpa shetty in a bollywood themed AD with LV trunks
  10. love the pussycat doll US! Walking around the streets in our various cites glamming it up with our LV's in action! FOR MEN...what about TOM BRADY or FOR WOMEN...Catherine Zeta Jones or Christy Turlington...haven't seen her in awhile!
  11. I'd absolutely LOVE the idea of a cute monogram multicolore /murakami campaign with Ayumi Hamasaki. I'd have to be really cute and glamorous though. Maybe for the upcoming murakami co.lab?

    ANd I think ayu is the best asian choice. She's famous in the most important LV market and also in growing market china. ^_^
  12. There's nobody I'd want to see in a LV ad; marketing usually just turns me off and makes me not want to buy the product. However, I tend to be the sort of shopper who buys based on reason as opposed to emotion. Therefore, most ads don't work on me anyway.
  13. i also thought about Ayu - i like her and she's definitely the hottest star in Japan and even parts of Asia. but unlike Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung or even Gong Li who all have been to the Oscars and Cannes (if im not mistaken), i doubt a lot of people in America or Europe will know who Ayu is.
  14. Deluxeduck I am totally with you. Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung and Gong Li are far more iconic than Ayu. However it will be quite fun to see Ayu is the LV ad. She is also a hugh fan of LV personally. I have seen her trunks. Fab!
  15. ^
    I agree she could not work for an entire season and the company could not work exclusively with her (sadly) like with scarlett, but for a limited "cute murakami" campaign (think Hello kitty and that panda LV short promotional animéstyle movie) I think she'd be perfect. :girlsigh: Some of her own calendars and other spin offs are sometimes almost LV campaigns in themselves anyways. :upsidedown: