Your Family&Significant Other

  1. I was talking with a girlfriend today about her frustations that her SO and parents don't exactly get along very well despite them being together for THREE years. So, I was wondering do your SO's and family like each other and get along? For those that don't how do you manage family dynamics especially when you get together?
  2. We got along until recently. I will not go into details but I never want to be around his father ever again. I don't know how this is going to work. It's his father, KWIM? 6 years. He has said that he would choose me over anything else but it will hurt him and why would I want that?
  3. Being legally married gives you lots of clout.

    As a legal wife, your husband has comitted himself to you over his original family.

    If you just live together, there is no legal standing. Relatives are closer when it comes to legal matters. This is proved by what happens when someone dies: legal relatives get top priority. Live ins get zilch.

    This is an illustration why it is important to legalize gay marriage.
  4. My Dh doesn't get along that well my the classic MIL jokes apply...but after 14 yers at least they are civil to one another.
  5. I detest my mother-in-law. She's pure evil. Even my DH doesn't want to be around her much. She lived all the way across the country until last year when she moved about 3 hours away. When I do have to be around her, I ignore her as best I can. Last year she threw a fit about us not planning to visit for Thanksgiving, so we were obligated. It was awkward because nobody can stand her! Nobody!

    I am not feeling well this year, and I'm not going to ruin my holidays with a visit to her. DH is going to visit her tomorrow and then we'll go to my mom & dad's house where it is calm and everyone gets along for Thanksgiving.

    My family is awesome. My husband always jokes that at least he has a great mother-in-law!
  6. Sorry to hear some of you are having a difficult time with your in-laws/parents :sad: .

    My mother and dad get along great with my husband. sometimes he fights with my dad but the usual silly fights over something simple .

    I have great parents in-law to my good luck. always was worried I'd have bad ones before. but his parents are so kind and loving :heart:
  7. So far so good. My BF has some family nearby but the rest are on the other side of the country. We're travelling soon to celebrate his Mom's b-day and she is wonderful. She and her BF (her husband passed away) are wonderful people and so energetic and positive about life and family. I'm going to be meeting a ton more of his family on this trip next month so I'm a little nervous but also very excited.

    My BF gets along with my family and extended family very well. Heck, the guy survived not one but TWO major family reunions on each side of my family within two months with 90+ attending each one. The likelihood of two reunions so close together with my family was like a rare supernova event, believe me, and he (and I!) got through it with flying colors. He's a gem. :wlae:
  8. My parents and my bf get along really well. My bf jokes around with my dad and actually gets him to laugh - which is quite a feat! I love my bf's family; they're extremely generous with me (always taking me on vacations) and they've always made me feel welcome in their home - so much so that I get to help with the dishes after dinners too! :shame:
  9. We all get along great. I'm closer to my hubby's family than my own. Love them all.
  10. my family dislike the males i choose to involve myself with..

    however they love my husband, because he is good to me/for me and in the end as long as i am happy f them all

    however i do know that when my family strongly disliked males i associated with it was because they weren't good enough for me in some capacity.
  11. My parents adore and love my DH, and he does them. My FIL likes me and I like him, my MIL on the other hand has always kept a distance and I posted a couple of threads here before about her so I won't go into details. Nobody has gotten into any confrontation in front of everybody, yet, so we've been able to keep everything civil, or internal shall I say.

    I guess you just can't make everybody happy and even blood family sometimes we despise or don't like them so there is really not a good way to deal with family dynamics. Just hope that at least everybody acts civil and adult-like, and keep the face-to-face time to absolute minimal. Life is too short. Do what you can and just let the other people be - they won't change.
  12. My parents and my BF get a long great my father and him act like old friends!! My mother adores him! I get a long with his parents too but there are ups and down because of his brother and sister in law causing chaos and have rivalries, i absolutely detest fighting and drama etc and i stay clear at all possible!
  13. we all get along well. It's not a pefect relationship, be we try our best.
  14. I love my DH's family, and vice-versa. I also loved my ex-husband's family, though we don't really keep in touch anymore, and to this day my dad and my ex go on semi-annual Canadian fishing trips together. It's kinda weird but my dad really loves those trips and I would never want to deprive him no matter how I may feel about my ex.
  15. my boyfriends mom scares the hell out of me. shes very hospitable but very intimadating. his dad is just fine, and my parents absolutely love him. of course its not the same since were not married, but still... it just feels like a very unbalenced parental situation here.

    (ps: what does DH stand for?)