Your Fall Balenciaga WISHLIST!

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  1. It's been a while since we've had one of these - so I thought we could all update our wishlist!

    Me: non-veiny Emerald Purse or City bag.
  2. I am on the waitlist for a Rouge Vif and blue/grey City.

    I want a Work bbag to use as a diaper bag but undecided as to what color.

    I am hoping to snag another 04 b-bag and would love an 05 turquoise City bag.
  3. I am still trying to figure out my birthday right now I'm just saying both of my choices, ha ha ha (Rouge Vif and Greige City). Has anyone seen a non-veiny Caramel City? If I could have it look more like the Caramel of "yore", I'd be all over that too...
    Possibly a Work in the Blue India- IF it's a nice teal and not dusty-boring.
    Then I will have to live in my b-bags since I will be selling my house to finance them.
  4. I'm also on the waitlist for both a Rouge Vif and Blue India City(Cilla, great minds think alike! lol!;) ), thinking about getting the Blue India Twiggy instead or not getting Blue India anything at all if it's not the color I'm hoping it will be IRL. I do want a pretty dark colored day bag...thinking about Blueberry(if I can find one with thick smooshy soft, non pleathery leather) and a smooshy thick Black City(heard some 06 Black city bags are pretty nice). Of course, I am still looking for the elusive mint condition Seafoam classique that won't break the bank(Impossible, I know:P ). lol.
  5. My wishlist (key word is wish):

    1/ rouge VIF twiggy
    2/ ink twiggy or day
  6. Rouge Vif Twiggy and maybe the same in Blue India, want to see the colour IRL first, some pics it's fabulous, others .. meh :shrugs:. Oh and a Truffle/ Caramel Twiggy. These are all wishes, because after my 3 month Balenciaga spree, I don't see getting *anything* before Mxas!

    I wish you well,

  7. On my wish list::yes:

    Teal Office:yahoo:

    Chocolate Office-maybe truffle:graucho:

    Lilac City 04 :rolleyes:

    India Blue hopefully:yahoo: Office or city

    Just trying to be modest;)

    That`s all for the moment:graucho:
  8. blue india first
    ink twiggy/city
    olive/origan city/first
  9. ...none.

    but if someone wants to get me a rouge vif city or work I wouldnt kick it outta bed...

    eta: wait? from the new season of colors? or any? because if its any... still looking for my anis city or twiggy to come home (I'm giving it a month more, then I'm giving up and buying the rouge vif)
  10. My dream bag is an 04 lilac first (that I can afford) and 05 bordeaux first :love: :heart: :nuts:
  11. I'm on the list for a Blue India box... but will have to decline it since I just found my ink twiggy. No more purses till xmas for me! :^(
  12. anything in truffle or rouge vif! but i'll have to wait and save up first!
  13. If anyone see's a non-veiny Emerald City bag (which doesn't seem likely as the leather used for them has had a distressed look) - please give me a shout out! :flowers:
  14. An ink day or one of those yummy apple green bags!
  15. Rouge vif (city or twiggy)
    Blue india (twiggy)

    ^beaux - will keep an eye out for the emerald for you...
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