Your F/W Wish List

  1. Here is a question........If you could get EVERY (within your budget, not dream pieces) piece you wanted from the new collections to be released what would you get??
  2. Every last piece that's in the Groom collection.. and throw in the mirior collection as well ! ;)
  3. Mirror speedy is pretty much the only bag I am getting for sure! I will have to see Cathy bag in person to make up my mind and nothing esle appeals to me at the moment.
  4. Silver Miror speedy, gold miror pochette, daumier speedy azur, and a few groom accessories...:biggrin:
  5. Miroir Speedy (x2) Miroir Papillon gold, Miroir Pochette silver and Groom cles red.
  6. Cabas Mezzo!!
  7. Groom rond and cles, Damier Azur Noe...That's it so far but I'm sure I'll want more...:lol:
  8. My Miroir Speedy & probably the AP. I really like the Groom Collection, but I heard that they are pretty much a pipe dream unless you are in Europe or Asia :sad:
    Did anybody like the MC Fur pieces, I thought they looked cheap,awful & fake in the pictures.
  9. just a mirior speedy in silver
  10. Groom wallet and cles. Can't wait see in IRL.
  11. Silver Mirror Speedy and Carryall, Groom cles, white Squishy,Mini Lin Speedy, and Damier Azur Speedy
  12. the Miroir Speedy in silver. the only problem is that it comes only in the 30, which is too big for me :cry:. but to make up for that, i'd like the Miroir Papillon in silver too :graucho:
  13. Damier speedy azur and silver mirroir papillon.
  14. Does anyone have pic of the bags that everyones talking about?

    i feel left out b-cuz i have no clue what they are :blink:
  15. I like the Mirroir speedy too, I know it's available in gold but I've never seen any pics of any of the bags in gold, does anyone have a pic.

    I really like the Damier Azur but need to see IRL or bigger pics.

    But def going for something from the groom collection, I told my partner if he doesn't buy me something I'm going to stamp my feet and hold my breath kiddie tantrum style until I get something!!!!