Your expertise, please?

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  1. I am very new to this forum, and I am in need of your expertise. I recently purchased a vintage Coach on *bay, the description states " Vintage Coach Brown Leather Doctor Satchel tote purse." How would I go about finding out the correct name, etc? I would post a pic, however, the only pics are on *bay and I am unsure if I can use them, the item # is 220679992287.

    Many thanks:smile:
  2. Hello, welcome to the forum. You can post the link to the auction, but I would clarify that the auction is not yours. It might be worth posting in the Authenticate This section as they can probably tell you the bag name as well as if the bag is genuine or not. I am not an expert on vintage or legacy but sure you will find someone here who knows
  3. Many thanks, I will do as suggested.