Your experiences with trading bags?

  1. I have read that some of you have done Bbag trades, and I was wondering what your experiences with trading are? I'm sorta considering doing a trade with someone but I'm a little hesitant...thanks!:heart:
  2. I've had great experiences. I've traded at least 4 times, maybe more.
    Of course, I don't expect perfection. If a bag is 3 years old and has been carried, but listed as excellent with a bit of wear, I expect to see some scuffs, wearing of the corners ect. Most pictures show all of these things anyway, and I think we try to be as accurate as possible. Of course I expect standards to differ somewhat.
  3. I think it depends upon *why* you are hesitating. I personally thought about a trade of one of my brand new bags with a highly sought-after older bag, and decided against it because I felt that the trade would be somewhat uneven (not in my favor). If the older bag had been in almost-mint condition (e.g., not had darkened handles) I would have been more inclined to feel it was an even trade.
  4. I just did a trade of city bags this week and it worked out really well. Both parties have to feel comfortable that the bags are very close in value to make this work.
  5. Please tell me no one is considering trading via tPF?
  6. I did a trade once with a friend and it worked out GREAT for both of us. I think it depends on the bags and on the relationship/communication you have with the other person. As long as you're both clear about everything up front, you're not risking your friendship.
  7. Just a mildly friendly reminder that there is no selling/trading/buying on the main forum. So I'm seconding Swanky and hoping this is seperate....

    I think trades work fine if you are happy with the bag you are getting.

  8. Thank you for your concern, but no, it wouldnt be through tPF. I do many things off this forum! I just wanted an opinion or two. I think I will just go ahead and sell the darn thing and not be bothered with trades. But thanks though!:smile:
  9. Hey Donna, since you were just asking for opinions...........ya, I think you are smart in probably selling and not trading.;)

    But, then again what do I know.....:P

  10. Gasp!
    You have a life outside of tPF?? :nuts: Hehehehe!

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  12. I think it really depends on how comfortable you are with the person you are trading with.

  13. Ha ha! Well, not much of one really but I am trying to not come on here as much lately...this place is just too addicting! I love it here, but I just spend way too much time on here, and for some reason I have discovered I have spent way too much money on Bbags lately!:love:
  14. Well, I did a trade once with a ebay seller. she was comfortable with my feedback and me with hers. it was fantastic! I didn't have to come up with any money, and got the bag I wanted! :happydance:
  15. I have had good luck with trades, but the only problem is sometimes I end up missing the bag that I have traded! :P Like most transactions, only do with people whose judgement you trust.