Your experiences with an exchange of a new but defective bag

  1. Last week I have bought a Suhali Lockit Verone. One day after I have find out, that the seam in the inside pocket was totally open and I can grasp with my hand till on the bottom of the bag, besides the feet are scratched and it's a scratch also on the bottom, what I haven't seen at the store (the bag was showed in a window at the store!!). I called now at the store and asked, if I can exchange the bag in the next days. The SA told me, that it isn't shure, that they will exchange it, maybe they repare it only. I have to show it and then the Manager will decide it.
    I'm very disappointed about that information! I will have an other (perfect) bag, not a reparated bag! If LV don't exchange it, that will be the last bag from LV for me. The Suhali bags aren't cheap, and I think that the quality of the finishing has to be perfect!
    My enthusiasm for my Lockit is definitely smaller then before..:sad:
    How are your experiences with an exchange of a defected new LV bag. Thank you for your answers!
  2. I have had same experience with suhali too ... after finally unwrapping my le tal next day after purchase... I noticed that some studs were missing from the corner hardware....I returned it the next day and the SA said that they would require time to see if they would repair it or replace it. I stated that I was yet to use it and as suhali is one of LV's quality range I would expect it a new bag.....After two weeks they decided to replace it with a new bag...just keep stating the product is defective and can not be used for the purpose that it is intended and you require a new bag. I am sorry that this has happened to you and do understand that it can be quite stressful....don't give up on suhali as I love my lockit:love: GOOD LUCK:heart:
  3. Thank you, shalomjude. I think that for a company like LV it must be a MUST to pruduce bags in a perfect quality and if they have a problem with the finsihing of a bag it must be also a MUST to replace this bag. They can't sell bags with a fault and then the client has to accept that he buy a NEW bag, which is reparated! Im really very very disappointed and I hope, the manager will change my bag. I'll never accept a reparated Lockit - if this will be happen I'll never buy one more LV bag.
    I can't understand, that LV can merely think about to repare a new bag and to give it back on the client - I expect an other service and quality and style of them. But in the last time I wasn't really satisfied of the customer service from LV in general.:tdown:
  4. My husband purchased for me a Lockit bag, when I openned the box to use the bag there was a huge stain on ther bottom of the bag. The store where he purchased it would do nothing for me..... they could send it out for cleaning at a charge to me....hubby took it to a different store, they could tell the bag was never even unnzippered...and just exchange the bag for him.
    Do not give up, if there is another store in your area, try taking it in there
  5. It's better to take it in. They never want to say anything unless they have seen it and assessed it.
  6. That's exactly what I mean: if the client must take a lot of effort to come to his claim, that isn't ok and that's what I can't understand. The mistake of LV has only LV to solve, not the client. I buy a expensive bag and I expect a perfect bag - I haven't the time and the desire to run from store to store to become my right.
    Sorry, that this happened to you too.
  7. That was my first experience with a defective suhali but not my last ....I purchased a white suhali doctors bag and when I go home out of the store lighting (anyone recall the dak lighting that used to be at the Elizabeth Street store) ..I noticed that the bag was really yellow on one side and came to the conclusion that it was the bag that had been in the display window (esp with the hot sun here streaming into the front window) and not the one that I was looking at in the store at time of purchase. SO the next day I returned to the SA who had sold me the bag and they said yes they could see the difference in the colour of the leather but they would NOT accept a return on it:s The SA attitude changed dramatically from when I was purchasing it to when I returned and she was very rude. I left it at the store and my partner went in and spoke to the SA about the difference in colour, the bag wasn't the same one I had viewed etc and she was also rude to him. At the time the manager was away so we had to wait for him to return but once again it took another 3 weeks before they decided to exchange the bag. Also my partner made a formal complaint about that SA I do know all about exchanging defective bags and the only time I have experienced it is with suhali:wtf:
  8. Yes sure, i'll go at the store with my bag. But the SA wasn't really optimistic, that they will exchange it.
  9. Good luck with the exchange, it sounds like a horrid experience.

    I do hope the SAs there know how to treat a customer right, and that you get a new bag. :flowers:
  10. oh dear that sounds like poor customer service! hope you ladies can choose to patronise other stores that provide better service.

    I have a positive experience to share about exchanging a defective riveting pochette after 2-3 weeks of use with obvious patina too. They just asked me whether I wanted an exhange or store credit. I thought you'd have an exchange smoothly especially since yours is new! but hearing from others it seems this varies from stores :sad:

  11. LV switching bags at time of purchase, this is now the 3rd time I have read of this happening on TPF in just a couple months! What is going on with LV? Their customer service is not up to par and to pull such tactics is indeed the very least dishonest. I am losing my faith in LV with switched purchases and another PF member getting an empty box after ordering from their site and then telling the customer to fight it out with FED EX! Plus, I have noticed a drastic differenece in LVs quality. I recently ordered from Eluxury and had to return the item because of a large (very large) flaw in a wallet!! I wonder if LV is outsourcing, so many designers are doing that now and I just wonder, for this would explain some of the things occuring recently in regard to quality!:girlsigh:
  12. Hi.. I bought a Suhali Geranium L'Ingenieux PM last October. I realized that both metal feet are scratched and the gold plating has started peeling. Took her back and the Assistant Manager examined her and told me I could send her out to get repair or exchange or return. I opted for return. I know it is very frustrated to deal with LV's exchange and repair policy, I have been there but with another LV bag instead of Suhali. Hope your situation get resolved quickly :heart:
  13. I just wanted to also share a positive experience with you. I recently returned a LVOE tote because the letters were cracking. I had only used this bag a handful of times, the canvas was in perfect condition. But the letters looked awful to me and I was really unhappy with the quality of the bag. The manager looked it over and gave me the option of getting a store credit or another LVOE tote. I mentioned that I was concerned this would happen with all of the letters so I would prefer the store credit. He was very professional and nice to me. He apologized that I was unhappy with the bag and helped me select something else instead. Overall I was treated with respect and fairness, I hope your boutique will do the same for you. If they do give you trouble though, as mentioned by many others I would keep fighting because you should be happy with your purchase. Good luck and please keep us posted!
  14. I've had 2 defective bags that I had to return, and I've never had a problem!
  15. Any updates on your lockit?:heart: