Your experiences: What country gets B-bags first, second, etc. each season?

  1. Any info appreciated! Does the UK get the new colors pretty fast? Faster than the U.S? How about Europe?

    What month did you SA tell you to expect colors like Anthracite, etc?

    How about in the past?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I would guess that Paris would get new items first, no?
  3. Well I can tell you this...Spore/Asia seems to be the last stop for the Bal delivery guys, to me. I'll be reading all the TPF ladies rants & raves of their bags...& I've still yet to chose the color swatches for the season. But hey! Its ok...more time for me to save!
    Pieces are limited here too.
  4. Colours just came in. Got the call from DiDi today.