Your Experiences W/ BlueFly?

  1. Hey ladies!

    I'll be a BBag owner for the first time in a few days. I just ordered the reg hardware Brief in mahogany from BlueFly just earlier today. They have it at retail as over $1500 but it's really $1195 correct? I just over paid by about $275. Not cool, my lovelies. Do you guys have any experiences or tips about BlueFly and their policies with price adjusting/correcting. Because 20% off of $1,195 sounds a lot nicer, although a BBag is worth every penny!

    I don't wanna miss out on a sweet, authentic Brief bag while they go "research" the validity of the $1,195 price. I guess I just need some moral support here, ladies. lol. I am giving them a call tomorrow but any of your help will be majorly appreciated. :sad:

  2. ^^ yep, there have been some problems with "bluefly" lately...there have been authenticity issues & much of their pricing on b-bags is askew...but the good news is, the briefs all look legit & you've still paid under retail if you include the tax...i paid almost $1300 for my cafe brief @ "Barney's" nyc a few months ago...i really love the style & hope you will too!!! :cutesy:
  3. Thank you aaall,

    I feel quite a deal better and sure hope my bag is the real deal. There will be hell to pay if otherwise, lol. So you got the reg hardware too? I love, love big and roomy bags and the Brief is just beautiful to me. I can't wait until it arrives. I'll be sure to post pics of it when it gets here if I suspect something. Hope you can offer some more insight and advice if I need some help authenticating.