Your experiences of small classic grain vs. NVT leather?


Dec 3, 2018
Hello Mulberry lovers,

I was on the fence about purchasing a Mulberry bag due to seeing some mixed reviews ( but you have all helped me to decide to go for it, and I'm so excited!

Forgive me if this is specifically covered in a different thread, but I'd love to hear your experiences of the durability of the small classic grain vs. NVT leather. I'll be getting the small bayswater and my favorite colors are only available in NVT. However, from what I've heard, it seems that NVT is the more delicate of the two. I have a Mansur Gavriel bag that is untreated vegetable-tanned leather and I don't wear it as often because I'm so afraid of rain spots. I live in a place with a lot of inclement weather so I would rather not be worried about carrying it in the winter.

Is the NVT untreated? Any experiences with either leather type, especially in inclement weather?

Thank you!


Jun 28, 2012
I can't speak to the small classic grain, but I have a chocolate NVT Bayswater, and it's quite hardy. I have sprayed it with Collonil spray prior to each rainy season (have had it about two years, don't use it often) and I also have applied Collonil gel a few times to keep the corners in particular shiny. The weather isn't too bad where I am (rain, no snow) and it looks great. The NVT is meant to look a bit aged with time.
Dec 26, 2017
I have Mulberry bags in small grain leather and NVT. NVT requires more care and will age/patina over time, the leather is typically softer and a lot of people do prefer the look of it. Small grain leather feels more rigid to me and will keep its shape better, it also feels like it is more hardy than NVT. I would say it depends on your preference! :smile: