Your experience with this wallet/wristlet

Jardin de Lis

Sep 20, 2010
I'm in the market for one of these, not necessarily this one (not my photo) but I like the shape and smaller size a lot. I need something this size for when we go fishing that I can just stick in my pocket or hang from my belt loop (for the license, DL, CC, money, keys, etc...) It has CC slots on either side and it seems perfect for my need, but on appearance it seems a bit squishy/tight. If you have similar to this do you find it a struggle to get your cards and things in/out of it? Is it pretty much the same size as a standard card wallet? I appreciate your thoughts.



Nov 28, 2008
I have this wallet. I actually like it a lot. I don't think it would fit in a pocket though. But it's not hard to get cards in and out of it. Bills do need to be folded in half. The only thing I don't like about it is it has really small zip pocket for coins. It's hard to get coins in and out. But I generally just don't use the zip pocket.