Your experience with patent leather?

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  1. I tried doing a search, but didn't really find anything. What is your experience with patent leather? Is it durable compared to regular leather or even canvas? Can it be used everyday? Does it scratch or wear at all? Any experience would be great! Thanks!
  2. I have one patent leather bag (Gerard Darel) and I adore it. It's extremely durable and it's great to carry in bad weather (rain, snow, etc). The bag that I have kinda has that "wet" patent look to it, it's beautiful. Haven't had any problems with scratching.
  3. I've had several patent bags (LOVE patent!) and they're great - low maintenance, don't show as much dirt/wear, and quite sturdy. The only thing to watch out for is that some colors (like white) can "yellow" over time.
  4. love patent leather, for shoes and bags...they wear well and retain their shape too. also, you know how girls love shiny things!
  5. I have 5 patent bags in various colors and I love 'em! They look brand new even when they're not.
  6. i have one and i think they are pretty durable.
  7. I think patent leather is great--but it's true that the lighter colors can turn yellow over time. I wouldn't buy a pricey bag in a light colored patent since it will eventually go yellow, especially with exposure to the sun. Other than that, I think patent leather is great!
  8. I have a patent leather YSL wallet but I find it very hard to take care of :sad:. I love the look of it but it absorbs color so easily. Now, my white wallet that's 3 months old turned reddish because I put it in my LV purse.:ban:
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  10. I have a patent Ferragamo Tote which I use and abuse as my carry on bag while traveling and whatever scratches it gets, the shoe repair place gets it out. It still looks brand new after 9 years!
  11. I normally don't like the look of them. I always felt that patent leather looked too plastic-ky. But recently, I found the Gryson for Target handheld satchel, and I fell in love. I think with the right style and in the right color, it can be gorgeous! I also know that patent leather is very maintenance-free and super easy to clean.
  12. I am soooo lemming a turquoise chiara!! wish i knew where I could get one...
  13. There is a patent leather Versace for sale at my local Saks Off Fifth, it's been there for ages because it has chips in it where the stuff peeled off. Are you saying a shoe repair place can fix it?
  14. I know this is a dumb question, but how can you tell if patent leather is real leather from an animal skin, or is synthetic pleather?

    I read this on Wikipedia, and now I'm even more confused :confused1: --

    Under Patent Leather it says:

    "Patent leather begins as a superior grade of fine grain leather that undergoes a process to achieve the glossy look. Originally, this was accomplished by applying layers of a linseed oil finish to the leather, gradually creating the sleek appearance. As time went on, the invention of plastics impacted the methods for producing patent leather...Over time, the development of synthetic resins further simplified the process and cut production costs even further, making the mass production of patent leather possible."

    Under Artificial Leather it says:

    "Synthetic leathers, at times made from plastics, are often used in clothing and fabrics. Artificial leather is marketed under many brands, including "leatherette," "faux leather," "patent leather," "Naugahyde" and "pleather""
  15. Real patent leather is so fantastic! Durable yet sophisticated. But lately there are lots of 'patent' bags (vinyl not leather) out there. these are especially low maintenance but not worth the same $$ as genuine patent leather. So it depends on your tastes. I personally do not like vinyl bags.