Your experience with Joe's Jeans Provocateur fit for petites??

  1. I've always been extremely short, so I have trouble finding designer jeans that I don't have to take to a tailor, (and get about 4 inches cut off for my height which just about ruins the jean.) so I was wondering what everyone's experience with Joe's Provocateur jeans were?? I'm thinking about buying them, for the fit and height but are they worth it??? Does anybody have them and hate them or love them??
  2. they fit great & the knee breaks is right at your knnes.. not below it like longer jeans.
    but I'm having issue with the inseam length

    I'm 5'1" & sz 24.. I have 3-4 pairs of Joe's provocateur & without hemming it they run about an inch too long if I wear flats but I can't wear heels since it's going to be too short
    It only worked with kitten heels, but I hate kitten heels.. so yeah.. I didn't get much use of those jeans
  3. Joe's jeans are actually too big for me. I've never been able to get my hands on a size 23, but the 24 are always too baggy so I don't own any. Every pair that I've tried on makes me frown because the fit is so terrible. Both Paige and Seven make jeans for petite now (finally!) so you may also want to check them out:

    Paige Premium Denim has petite-specific jeans in four different styles/washes with a 31" inseam.
    Seven for all mankind petite bootcut in Nikita with 30" inseam.
    Seven for all mankind petite bootcut in New York Dark with 30" inseam.
  4. They fit well on me but it's too long. I had it cut. That has been my experiences with great fitting jeans. To add, Seven for all Mankind, AG, Earl to name a few faves,all had been long and had to be cut. I had a couple of Seven for all Mankind that didn't need any alteration--rare to me.

  5. I tried on a pair of Provocateur jeans but it didn't fit too well. The length was good though but Joe's Jeans run a bit big for me although the Honey fit decent.

    But thanks lithiumpearl for the heads up about Paige and Seven in shorter inseams!!
  6. I recently bought them and I love them! I'm 5'0" and have big hips and they fit great. They are a little long so I wear them with shoes that aren't really flat. I usually wear them with some Prada sport sandals that have maybe a 1 or 2" heel.
  7. i love them! they're my favorite brand/type of jeans. they run a little big though.
  8. 7fam has a new line of petite jeans :smile: I do believe that carries them
  9. I just bought my first pair yesterday and I'm in love! I'm 5'2" and it was amazing to try on a pair of jeans that I could actually wear home if I'd wanted to! I think they're very flattering and the inseam is just right for a medium heel like the wedges I'm wearing today. They are definitely the softest jeans I own, too. Very comfy with just the right amount of give. I did have to go down a size. I normally wear a 27 but I got the 26 in these and they're just right. I love them so much I just ordered another pair online! HTH!!
  10. I just got a pair of the Provocateur in petite length 2 weeks ago! I am 5'3.75" (so, 5'4" I guess) and usually wear a 27 as well, but went down to a 26 because they do seem to run a bit big. They break right at the knee though and look great. If I wear Chucks or flats though, they do seem a little bit long. They didn't look like they were dragging on the ground when I looked in the mirror, but I wore them for a full day of classes and came home to find that the bottom cuff is very worn down :sad:

    Careful if you get the dark wash, the label said to wash them before wearing because of the excessive dark dye ... and I am anal retentive so I usually wash dark jeans twice to make sure the dye doesn't rub off a lot, but I hung up this pair in my bathroom to dry and the dye stained my bathtub!
  11. Oh yay!! Thanks for this thread :biggrin: I'm a shortie so I'm so excited they make these!
  12. My mom is a petite (5' 3") and she likes the provocateur, but her favorite is actually a pair of Juicy jeans that she picked up at Saks off Fifth. The Joe's tend to gap a little at the waist on her.
  13. ITA, we must have the same exact figure. :p
    They are a bit too short for heels over 3" tall, but for everyday they're perfect.
  14. I'm a major Joe's Jeans lover.......I have the provocateur, chelsea, cigarette, rocker, and honey's. They hold up very well and I like that they don't fall down on me like TR's did.......they seem to have a higher waist.