Your experience with Blue Nile?

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  1. I've read nothing but rave reviews for Blue Nile, but wanted to see if any PFer's had an opinion? :wlae:
  2. I've never bought jewelry from Blue Nile, but I bought a flask for an ex and had it engraved with his initials. I had a great experience with them. The item was well-made, the engraving looked good, and it was shipped quickly.
  3. Wow, I didn't know they sold flasks! I was referring to diamond experiences (should've specified that! :blush:) but it's good to hear that they have awesome customer service all around! :tup:
  4. I've bought 2 things from blue nile... a pair of small diamond studs & a pair of pearl/diamond studs... the simple diamonds were heads & tails above the quality of comparably priced studs you might find at regular mall stores... the pearls were okay, but I wasn't omg-thrilled.

    The shipping was free & fast, and amex gave me a code to use for 10% off.

    I would shop with them again.
  5. wow!! How'd you get the code from Amex? I wonder if they'd let my BF use it on a BIG purchase?? :graucho:
  6. i think there was a thread about this before, and i responded in taht one. but...i'll just respond again here. i bought some pearls and some other things for mothers day for my mom and grandma and they LOVED it. they came in very nice jewerly boxes, arrived quickly. but i've never bought any diamonds from there. me and my bf were going to buy the diamonds for my promise ring individually and had them get mounted by a jeweler but we wanted my ring quick so we bought it from a mall jeweler. BAD CHOICE! because it was so overpriced. i think we were a little naive 3 years ago. we would have so taken the bluenile route and purchased the diamonds individually. so much cheaper!
  7. It's listed under the shopping benefits of using Amex...

    Offer cannot be combined with other promotions/savings/offers. Offer not valid for loose diamonds, preset engagement rings or polishing cloths. Offer only valid in the U.S. Offer cannot be applied retroactively. Offer not valid on certain types of merchandise. When building custom rings, earrings or pendants, offer applies only to the setting. To redeem offer, visit or call 1-800-242-2728. Promotion code: AEXP16. Other restrictions may apply. Offer valid 1/1/06 through 6/30/2007.

    I think after that expiration date, they change the code.
  8. Great - my husband has bought me several gemstone and pearl & diamond pieces from Blue Nile, and everyone thinkgs my tahitian pearls are from Mikimoto - the quality and service are excellent.
  9. ive bought blue topaz stud for my toddler from blue nile, its just ok....youve got what youve paid for....not a real bargain as it appears reading their website.
  10. I have never bought anything there since I am skeptical of buying diamonds without seeing it "in person". Has anyone bought anything from Blue Nile before? Is it good?:smile:
  11. Bought 2 rings, no problems, easy getting shipped, it was safe, secure, and they were quick on turn around on getting them resized. TOTALLY SUGGEST!!!
  12. They have a fantastic website ... I have been so tempted to buy a pair of earrings
  13. I like them but they are way overpriced. You can get the same or better quality diamonds at other online vendors for much less
  14. my ering stone is from bluenile. no complaints so far!
  15. I don't know about this though, i did my research at Pricescope vendors and some BN stones of similar grade can be much less. Of course, beauty is not entirely judged by GIA numbers.