Your experience with bags "shipping from store"?

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  1. Hey guys! Hope your weekend is going well :smile:

    So basically yesterday I went to my Coach FP store to get a new bag and I fell in love with the cornflower Dinky. I guess the Dinkys are selling out everywhere and they only had the floor model to give me and they said they couldn't order from JAX (I love in FL). I looked at the bag again in the car to admire it and I noticed soo many scruff marks and signs of wear so I decided to just return it right then and there.

    I ordered the Saddle and it was on backorder till the 11th but they're sending me a bag from the La Palmera location (in Texas)? Am I gonna end up getting another floor model? I don't want to have to go back to the store to return it if it looks worn again :/

    Side note: do you guys think they'll make any more of the Dinkys? I ordered one online just to see if maybe they'll ship one. It's on backorder and when I called CS they said they didn't have a date for the backorder (but the saddles had a date).
  2. I haven't had good luck with items shipped from stores. Once they sent me a pair of shoes with 2 different size shoes in the box, one of each. If you are lucky, the store will pull one out from the back to ship to you.

    I believe there are new dinkys that are being released soon.

  3. Hmm so do you think this means they won't restock the dinkys that are out right now? I might just end up returning the saddle and waiting for the dinky because I didn't like the saddle that much in person.

    Yeah I'm scared they'll send me a bag that's been handled by tons of people >.< I guess we'll see and worse comes to worse I can always return it.
  4. I ordered a Dinky during the last PCE and it shipped from a store. It came wrapped beautifully and didn't seem to have been handled frequently. But my CC was charged twice however, once by JAX and once by the store.
  5. I forgot to mention that when items are shipped from the store, I never get a receipt with prices on it.

  6. Ok thanks for letting me know! Hope you were able to get that CC issue taken care of easily! :smile: btw I'm relatively new to purseforum and I've been wondering, how does everyone order directly from JAX (as in not thru a FP store)?? BC I live in Florida and I feel like it would be pretty practical esp if I can guarantee a bag that hasn't been on display in a store.

  7. Interesting, you don't get an invoice either? Wouldn't that make returns difficult? :O
  8. It did! Eventually they were able to find the transaction through my credit card.

  9. I had to return a Jax bag because of lopsided stitching and replace it with one from a store. I called them and the sweet SAs were so helpful (there was only one and so a display) and told them what happened, they checked the bag, went over my concern areas in detail and then emailed several pics from all angles. When it arrived, it was beautifully gift-wrapped and in new pristine condition. So I guess it depends on the store but I would definitely give them a call. If its just surface dirt, you might ask them to clean it up before sending since Coach is promoting their free refreshing service.

  10. The bag's already on the way ;( It comes in on Wednesday. I'm hoping that it's in great condition otherwise I'll have to start making some phone calls :/
  11. Oh no! There's some horror stories in here! The shoes I ordered online with PCE are coming from a store; I'm hoping for the best! :sweatdrop:
    Radhikaa, I hope your bag arrives safely in good shape!
  12. I've had a couple bags sent from boutiques & each experience was great. :smile:

  13. That's good to hear! I talked to a CS re over the phone and they said if there's any problem or they look worn at all that they'd be happy to do a return or an exchange :smile:

  14. Thank you! I hope your shoes are in good condition as well! :smile:
  15. I've had much better luck with store sends in general as well and I hope yours arrives in perfect condition safe and sound. :flowers:
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