Your experience(s) with AlohaRag

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post :yahoo:

    I have just ordered a Rouge Vif City from AR:love: after hearing so many raves of AR from PF (yes, I'm a long time lurker :shame: )

    Just wondering what are your experience(s) with AR? I thought they're customer service is supposedly very good but they never replied to my emails (after 3-4 days), I had to actually give them a call (I'm from Australia) to request for the catalogue and order form, and I did not get an email telling me my bag has been shipped. Until I got a call from my bank telling me there is an overseas transaction :rant: . So I called Jumpei and then only he told me that the security checks have gone through fine and my bag has been packed and will be shipped tomorrow.

    Is this normal for AR? To be honest, I'm quite disappointed in the service in general.

    What are your experience(s) with them?
  2. i requested their Bbag color information and got it later that evening! Maybe they were just busy?? In any case, congrats on your new purchase! Love the Rouge VIF color!
  3. I had a great experience with AR - they answered email promptly and I called the SA (I don't think it was Jumpei) and she selected a gorgeous Rouille Box for me!

    Sorry you had some delays and are frustrated with your AR experience...they're usually very good.

    p.s. ~welcome~ to the PF (and bbag obsession), Macvogue!! :welcome:
  4. i love Aloha Rag!!! their customer service is just SUPER!!!!
    Jumpei is EXCELLENT!!! great service!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  5. I don't have any experience with AR but just want to say welcome to the forum!:flowers:
  6. Thanks everyone!!

    What a great forum to be in :heart:

    I initially made up my mind to get the Grenat City but then I gave AR another call and just threw in the question if they have any new Rouge Vif City in store and they said the shipment came a few days ago :yahoo: So I quickly changed my order :shame:
  7. Macvogue, welcome to the forum! I'm from Vic!

    Regarding AR, I've not bought from them before but when I emailed them about stock a while back, taking into consideration the time difference, I received an email pretty much straight away with the order form and all. I think they are getting lots of emails at this time and yours might have gotten lost in the mix.
  8. Oh and forgot to add, Congrats on the rouge vif City! Can't wait till you get it!!!
  9. Hi Serenity!

    I'm from Vic too! :yahoo: We might know each other ;)

    I will post pics once I have my rouge :heart:
  10. ^^Awesome! Lol! Are you in Melbourne? I grew up there but am no longer in the burbs. Now living in the country, a couple hrs' drive away. Is this your first Bbag? I'm going to Perth in Dec for a friend's wedding so hopefully I'll swing by Cultstatus!:nuts:
  11. Hi there Macvogue. I live in Sydney. I have never actually ordered anything (yet) from Aloha Rag, but whenever I've emailed them with questions, I've always gotten prompt responses. Congratulations on your Rouge VIF...I am very tempted to get one myself. I was hanging out for Cultstatus to get them. They only got Blueberry Cities so far. :Push:

    Serenity Sue, you will have to report back on what's happening over there at CultStatus! :smile:
  12. Oh I will, Jas! I was hanging out for a rouge vif from Cult too and was so excited to receive their email. But yeah, no cities.. Did ya see the rouge vif Purse tho?? I wish their pics were bigger.

    What do u think of the whistle bags? From their pic, I can't figure out how that opens. I mean, there's a flap thing on top or something..
  13. Yes, I wish the pics were bigger too. I'm constantly going :Push: when I press the "Enlarge" button, only to get a slightly larger version of the thumbprint.

    As for those Whistle Bags, they would be way too fiddly for me. I'm pretty sure they zip shut along the top, but then the two end bits fold in and connect over the top of the zipper, and there's a lock as well. :weird: The key to the lock hangs on the bag with the whistle.

    I'm not sure if Aloha Rag is getting the Whistle or the Padded Cell bag.
  14. You are right about the whistle bag.. Why oh why do designers make them so impractical.

    Padded Cell?? Lol! I'm not really a big fan. The quilting looks like Chanel on steroids. The padded bits are a bit plump for my liking.
  15. In person the store is really kinda weird- you have to buzz to get in, only place on the whole island that makes you do that. Not even Chanel, YSL, gucci, Escada make you do that. all my friends hate going there, and refuse to go with me, so I have to go in by myself 95% of the time. I've had a few snotty SA experiences, usually some young guy on his cell that doesnt even offer to help me. There is a lovely young girl and a guy with long hair who ROCK! Bring out bags, ask your leather likes and dislikes, offer to bring other colors, super friendly and talkative- you know, the usual good SA stuff.

    I havent had them ship to me though- since I live on the other side of the island. ;)