Your everyday bag?

  1. Out of your entire collection, what is the one bag you frequently use?

    For me it is my Bella, just because it is so small and convenient.
  2. I use my Bella Bella most often. It's the perfect Toki bag.
  3. i use my l'amore gioco ^^ i just really love the gioco style~ plus i'm a big bag kinda girl =D
  4. Hmm... I don't know if I have one bag that I use over all others~ I usually coordinate my bags with my outfit, so they get used probably equal amounts. I use my Arancia Zucca to carry my notebooks and such for class, so maybe that's my everyday bag? :p
  5. Stellina and MM are the two perfect every day styles for me!

    (I bet every bag style is mentioned by at least one person on this thread!!) :lol:

  6. Well, I don't actually own a tokidoki bag, at least, NOT YET (just wait until vancanze comes in......) My bag cost my $7 something from H&M. It's a blue sack that i wear cross shoulder. it's in the shape of U and is light lbue and white. It has a large flap that goes over it with a fake buckle that has a little button clasp thing. It's approximately 8.5" x 8.5". it holds pretty much everything. It's like a bag almost, very floppy.

    When I do get a tokidoki, it'd be my weekend/shopping/going out bag. But when I go to work, it's this bag. hehe, I don't want a speck of dirt on my tokidoki bag I will get this winter.
  7. I use my BV's the most.
  8. Stellina!!!!!!!
  9. my bv
  10. Amazingly enough, my Ciao Ciao. I'm not a big bag kind of a girl, but for some reason I continually go for this one.
  11. For me it's campeggio...
  12. Mamma Mia! (then sometimes Bambino)
  13. Mamma mia as well. I love this style :biggrin:
  14. Bella and dolce.
  15. Tie between my BVs and my Campeggios