Your Entended Wishlists? -.^

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  1. Ok people...I KNOW your wishlists and items you are dreaming of going in all one big giant shopping spree and grabbing at once if you could...can not be in your signature wishlists. 1. because there is a limited space and ya can't get it all in when ya want it all pretty, centered or with cute lil dancing thingies or specialized hot created pictures, hehe... 2. i know wishlists can change daily but sometimes it's def. not on our minds to retype 'em. :heart:

    So, here's your chance...what are the items on your entended wishlist? Share! :nuts: i write mine down in a journal. lol!

    My items I wish for are the ones on my sig. wishlist here of course...PLUS:

    Damier Trevi GM
    Monty GM
    Trunks and Bags long keycharm/chain
    Vernis Zippy Wallet
    Suhali Le Fab
    Suhali Cinched Coin Purse
    Suhali Lockit MM
    Grenade Epi Alma (if made)
    Mono Speedy 40
    Mirage Bordeaux Speedy
    LE Bellvue Miroir
    Palermo GM
    Mahina Denim XL (in fuchsia, if they ever make it - one can dream)
    Astropil (just cause it's so CUTE)
    Freesia Flat Thong Sandel
    RP Pulp Salmon Bandana

    That's it for


  2. i like part "that's it for now" :wlae: yr list will grow longer as fall/winter comes..;)

    thank god i am a guy and thus only have a handful of LV i wanted:supacool:
  3. o wow i kno i would want sooooooo much more lv but here is also more of what i would want but it still remains hopefully i might get these but who knows :graucho:

    Manhattan Pm
    Hampstead Pm ebony
    neverfull mm
    alma mc black
    grit mc
    eva clutch
    cles mc white
    key holder mc black
    these are the major extented ones i did not add on
  4. Hmm anything and everything that I don't already have? :whistle:

    Okay, okay! I guess I can narrow it down if I have to.

    Creme/red Cherry Blossom Papillon
    Cherry Blossom PTI wallet
    Amarante Zippy wallet
    Turquoise ostrich Theda
    Trompe L'oeil Pochette
    Stephen Sprouse scarf
    Teal nob nob
    Bronze Mahina XS
    Plum/geranium Le Fab
    Beige Olympe Stratus
    Any "Eye Love You" bag
    Croisette Speedy/bag charm
    Neo Cabby MM

    I think that's it for now. *Thud*.
  5. LOL this is great!!!! I have a couple of wishlists: first priority, second priority, third, etc....

    1st Priority:

    Mini Lin Dune Speedy
    Zippy wallet (damier ebene, vernis amarante/ violette, or epi grenade or cassis)

    2nd Priority:

    Damier ebene Saleya MM/ GM
    Black Denim Neo Cabby MM
    LE amarante vernis cles

    3rd Priority:

    Black Denim Cles
    Amarante Summit Drive
    Ivoire epi bowling PM or GM


    White Suhali Lockit PM
  6. epi bowling pm in cassis
    palermo pm
    epi zippy wallet in grenade
    black shawl
    black denim cles
    marina pm
    croisette speedy (?)
    vvn wc speedy
    black/clear/amarante/gray inclusions

    those are my first priorities..theres about 60+ more i want but what i listed will come before all those! ;]
  7. I like this way of listing everything, its very me.
  8. geeez Gayle! no one can out-do you now!!!!!! lol

    mine's pretty simple:

    1. Suhali Lockit PM in black or white

    2. Denim XS in black

    ( maybe... 3. Trevi PM ... or another Hampstead MM??? I gave mine to my mom and I'm kicking myself for doing this...)

    and then it's off to les Loubies (Christian Louboutin) pour moi! I am going to be done with LV after this year:biggrin: *claps and wipes hands* lol
  9. White MC Alma
    Petit MONO bucket
    MONO Alma
    Azur Heampstead MM
    Damier Nolita
    Tulum PM or GM
    Black & White MC Noe
    Some denim bag?
    Marina PM blue
    Mini lin ebeny speedy
    MONO Musett
    WAY TOOOOOO MANY accesories to mention, even here.
    White, Amarante & Pomme Vernis bags.
    White MC Keepall
  10. LOL,:yahoo: what a fun topic GayleLV! My list seems so namby-pamby compared to everyone elses. What can I say, I have very simple taste. :shame:

    W Multicolore Keepall
    W Multicolore Hardsided Luggage (all sizes)
    W Multicolore Aurelia MM
    W Multicolore Aurelia GM
    W Multicolore Wallet (IDK which one yet)
    Mono Stephen
    Mono Eole 50
    Mono Keepall 50
    Mono Pastilles Key Chain
    Dentelle BH Gold
    Dentelle Wallet (the long one, IDK the name)

    Does Chanel & Hermes count? Cause if it does, then I can add:

    Jumbo Flaps (1 in every color, including patent...tee hee)
    Birkin (Black, Blue, Tan, Pink)
  11. Whoops.
  12. Not if i can help it! muwhahahaahaaa: i shall be the enablerenablerenablerblerblerblerblerrrrrr. :P

    I also forgot i also want a White MC Alma too, after seeing like 3 ppl write it, lol. Oh and Mizi Vienna in purple or green and my HOLY FREAKIN' GRAIL: White MC Eye Dare You L'Extravagant Travel Bag :drool: I can dream. I promise one day, ONE day this shall be mine!!! i ever get that, then i'll stop collecting LV...:angel:..what? lol!
  13. haha! lol well after much thinking, you're probably right!

    I WILL BE BACK for the Exotic Croc (or alligator?) Lockit PM!!!! this will be listed as number *INFINITY* on my list since I'll probably never get there LOL!
  14. hmmmm good question ms. gayle....

    tahitiennes PM in beige (and purple too if i can get one)
    the black speedy from f/w (if it looks good and isn't $937429384793)
    tivoli PM
    trevi GM
    suhali lockit PM in black or white
    mahina xl in gris (oh how i wish)

  15. Oooh! but you MUST get it caley!!! lol if not, we all know that LV will raise the price for the 294 time this year to $8274038204782020293759403072 :upsidedown: