Your Embrassing Moments at the Gym

  1. What have done at the gym that was embrassing ?!?

    Lemme start off: today i was at the gym and i was on the ab bench doing the ab workout where you hold onto the handle and lift ur legs up. I saw some people staring at me, but i just figured they were pervs or something. I come home take off my pants and realized i had 6 very big holes near the crotch area. :nuts: And i was wearing pink/white it must have been OBVIOUS (pants were black). The crotch area of my pants looked like fishnet stockings...hahaaa..o:huh:O i hope i never see those people again. :shame:
  2. Hahaha. That's hilarious.

    My experience at the school's gym was more funny than embarrassing. My friend and I decided that we'd take a break from running on the track and go play badminton in the gym. We looked for the emptiest gym we could find. Finally we came upon one with about 6 guys in it. 4 guys were playing basketball at one basket, and 2 were playing at the other. The 4 guys asked us if we wanted to use the gym and we said 'yeah'. They kindly left. One of the guys on the other side left too. However, there's one guy still playing by himself and my friend just took a badminton pole and stuck it into the ground, preparing the badminton net. The guy was like, 'Um, do you have the gym booked?' She's like, 'No' and proceeded to continue setting up. He eventually left. LOL, that guy got Christopher Columbus'ed.
  3. azhangie..that is so funny. I've definitely had my share of wardrobe malfunctions but that one had to pretty supremely awkward!

    jan..when I was on the dance team at my old college I hated surprise practices at the gym before a game. Everyone would kind of give us this look like...hmm I guess we have to move now :-/

    My story hmm...there are a few. Most recently, I was at the gym on the elliptical. I was super tired and closed my eyes for a second to take a deep breath. Next thing I knew, I had lost my balance and nearly fallen off. The machine made a really loud noise and pretty much bucked me like a horse. I looked up and all the guys lifting weights in front of me were gawking at me while I tried to catch my balance. Then, I looked to my left and right and everyone was staring at me. Note to self: Keep your eyes open at all times! lol
  4. I've had lots of equipment "malfunctions". This pants thing was a first....i dunno wat happened. Hahha...esp in the crotch area..omg i wonder what those people were thinking about me. I was at the gym at the peak hour too.
  5. LOL azhangie! You poor thing - don't worry, at least you were wearing undies, unlike Britney/Paris!

    How on earth did you put 6 holes in the crotch of your pants?!
  6. Well, I don't go to the gym that much but here's a story.

    I had just gotten a new pair of really cute sweatpants and I wanted to wear them right away. They were a little long but I figured that I could alter them later. I was running on the treadmill and I was going faster and faster. I closed my eyes for a few seconds because I wear contacts and they were feeling a little dry. I guess I must stepped up a little too close to the gap where the treadmill and the conveyor belt meet because the next thing I felt was that one side of my butt felt breezier than the other. :shame::weird: The leg of my pants had gotten caught in the gap! I realized what happened, quickly pulled my pants back up, and just walked away really quickly. I didn't even look at the people behind me because I'm sure someone was probably pointing and laughing. I guess I should wear shorts from now on.
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: OMG I almost fell off the couch reading this!! Sorry Archipelago, I'm not laughing at you, it's just the way you told the story that's so funny (" side of my butt felt breezier than the other...") LOL Sigh, I'm wiping tears out of my eyes...
  8. You poor girls! Sometimes embarrassment is worse than any physical pain the gym can impose.

    One time yrs ago I was very tired & running on the treadmill. I wanted to pause to change my music. I always have put both hands on the side rails & lifted myself to the sides of the treadmill that don't move. Well that day I only lifted 1 leg I think because next thing I know I completely fall on my face down the treadmill & music player went flying. There were people all around me.... I wanted to cry. Instead I got back on & kept running like nothing happened the whole time feeling humiliated. When I finally went to the locker room to check it out I had a cut going down the whole length of my shin that was bleeding. I still have a scar.

    I now stop the treadmill if I need to pause!
  9. Ouch! I try to keep going when i fall off machines too just so i dont look like a complete idiot. But sometimes it really hurts to keep going!! I always thought treadmills should come with some kind of guard around the machine, people could really get hurt!

    -as for the hole..i'm not sure. These pants were kind of old...i've been wearing them to the gym for about a yr now. I guess it was just wearing out?? But theyre the only pair of pants that fit just right, all my other pants are way too long. And i have no idea why in the world the holes had to appear in the crotch area, its like the worse place. :rolleyes:
  10. I don't have any personally embarrassing ones, but once in pilates class, someone behind me kept farting. Nobody else said anything, but I started laughing and it set off everyone else. I finally said, It's not me!
  11. This didn't happen to me, but it was pretty awful to watch. I worked as a trainer and group fitness instructor at my undergrad and was working out on a treadmill before a client came in. This girl came in wearing a short, flouncy so-low/hardtail esque skirt and an off the shoulder sweatshirt, long hair, and a full face of makeup to meet her male trainer. It was pretty obvious that she had a crush on him. They started working with the ball, she was doing pushups with it. She kept slipping on purpose (so obvious) so he'd have to reach out and steady her. Finally, she legitimately slipped and fell off the ball and fell over on the floor, skirt up above her waist. She definitely should have worn bike pants underneath - or at a minimum, boy shorts. Free show!
  12. haha i have to add mine!

    Last year I was at a pilates class and it was pretty packed so everyones matts were close together. We were doing warm ups and did some move where youre sitting down and you hold your knees to your chest so you are like a ball, then you roll on your back and come back up. Because the class was so packed the woman behind me was very close. When everyone rolled on their backs she let out the most gigantic fart I have ever heard (Im not even exaggerating)! Every single person in the room heard it and it was so loud that they all quickly turned their heads our way to see what the commotion was! the worst part was that she was so close to me that my head was right next to her butt when she let loose. It was awful!!! Everyone was nice and tried to just let it go but I was a MESS for the rest of the class. I kept having to act like I was tired and put my face in my knees so that she couldnt tell that I was dying of laughter. I tried so hard to calm myself down but it was just one of those moments- i was like did someone seriously just fart on my face?!?! I feel so bad for that woman and she def taught everyone in that room a lesson on what to take care of before going to a pilates class!!!
  13. This was before I got my ipod and I was using my old fashioned discman . . . on the ellipticals there's only so much room, so you have to balance things on the little shelf. Sometimes I'd misjudge where to place things and they'd fall off. That's embarrassing.

    Once I wore a pair of cotton pants to work out. They were a bit snug, but I loved them. Well, this was the day I got the brilliant idea to do the rowing machine. I brought my knees up to my chest and . . . . my ass felt breezy. There was a rip up the back of them.

    To remain modest, I took one of those little towels they have and tucked the top part into my waistband.

    I stupidly decided to try a hip-hop class. Never mind the fact that this routine has been something the class has been working on and the fact that I suck at complicated choreography. I'm struggling along with the moves when the class does a turn. I turn, too, except in the wrong direction. The teacher draws attention to the fact.

    Because I'm at the back of the room, I was able to slip out.

    And this isn't embarrassing, but it's funny . . . my gym had little tvs on each machine. One channel showed music videos and the soundsystem would play the same song.

    My gym is one big room, with the weight section on one side and the machines on the other.

    One time I Want You Back by *NSYNC was playing. The weight room was empty except for two guys who were jokingly singing along with the chorus.
  14. oh kbell... I'm so sorry but I'm fully having a little giggle! Every evening at the gym theres this old-ish guy that comes in for his daily run on the treadmill... I only joined the gym last year and now i'm this FREAK that has to go everyday... Anyway, one evening when i was on the crosstrainer he was running on the treadmill in front... and he completely nailed himself! I was like (in my head) "omg - don't fricken laugh" i swear i nearly bit my lip in half!!! SORRY for giggling at you! I hope one day you can get back on the treadmill. :o)

    Your Embrassing Moments at the Gym... for me... basically everyday! HA HA! But one memory that will always make me laugh is when my ipod shuffle flick off my top and flew across the weights area - goodness only knows how it did that but it did!
  15. A few of my friends are Pilates teachers it's very common for people to break wind in those classes
    I used to work in a gym and it pretty common for people to fly off treadmills too, you shouldn't laugh but some people look so damm funny