Your earliest LV memory...

  1. What is your earliest memory of LV? Was someone else carrying one and you loved it or did you receive one as a gift?

    My earliest LV memory: I was about 6 years old. A very elegant lady in church sitting near my grandmother unzipped her Speedy (25, I'm guessing) and reached in for something. The shape and color of that bag was forever imprinted in my psyche.:biggrin:
  2. my earliest memory of LV was at a family dinner. My cousin came with the most beautiful bag! My sister and I asked her what it was and she said it was LV. It was actually the black epi noe and she bought it when it was newly released. Ever since then I've wanted to own that bag, and now I do. =)
  3. My cousin worked at LV. Needless to say, I fell in love.
  4. I don't remember at all...It's quite emberassing, but it's like I've always known about it (which is NOT true), but I do remember nagging my parents about LV luggage when I was 13 (It took me 5 years to buy my keepall, then with my own money!! ::love::smile:, so I must have known about it then.. I think the first LV I saw in rl was in some airport in britain, Heathrow I guess..
  5. My dad had a Taiga leather wallet when I was younger. I thought it smelt good, and there was a shiny ribbon on the box it came in.
  6. Definitely around 8 and seeing a gorgeous woman in the airport with a Luco definitely made a huge impression!
  7. I don't even remember, I've always seen Chinese ladies on soaps toting around funny brown bags.. it's just always been those bags that they all carry !
  8. Not my earliest, but most impressionable memory. I was student teaching in England and we went to Paris for a trip. I stood in the window of LV drooling!
  9. I just remember seeing people carrying them when I was very very young and they were rich. LOL :lol:

    it funny because I own more LV's than I care to admit and I'm certainly not "rich" but there are some people who still think the way I did when I was a kid. That you have to be rich to carry an LV.

    Not really, we just work hard and like nice things :cool:
  10. Sadly, I cant remember my earliest memory of LV. It seems like something that I have always known about.
  11. Whenever my grandmum came to visit, she would always come with Louis Vuitton luggage and her trademark Louis Vuitton speedy 30.:biggrin::love:
  12. I didn't really notice LV until I was about 21 or 22 which was about 3 years ago. My friend would talk about LV and I didn't understand her obsession at the time, I actually thought the bags were kind of ugly. :amazed:

    It took me a couple of years to come around, and now I love LV. I don't know what I was thinking!
  13. My grandmother always carried LV -- and nothing else. But funny enough, I don't remember the bags. I do remember her referring to her handbags as "Louie" and for many years thought all bags were called Louies. :smile:

    When I first moved to San Antonio, I fell in love with the first LV I saw. The other item I loved were these embroidered dresses that everyone said you get in Mexico or they were sold in booths at flea markets or roadside stands. I was so excited to get one at a road stand one day... Then, I saw the LV bags sold on the roadside and was even more excited to get one of those! Only a few months later did I realize I had a fake and found out what the real ones were -- and what they cost!

    I just figured all the cool stuff was sold on the road! :lol:
  14. When I was in elementary school my best friend's mom had a Speedy. I didn't know what it was then but I knew I loved it. :biggrin:
  15. My girlfriend when I was 24, coming back from Paris with a Noe from her rich boyfriend and then us going to Japan that same year and being surrounded by it!