Your Dream Pet?

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  1. well i was just thinking about what my dream pet is and how pretty it is so i decided to share...


    i'm obsessed with Friesian horses.

    here is Romeo, my fave Friesian stally like ever:


    i also am almost as deeply in love with this next breed as well, the Gypsy Vanner. This particular gal is Panda Rose, who happens to be my fave Gypsy Vanner mare like ever:


    sadly i know neither horse in real life, these pix are pilfered from online. they're just my dream ponies.

    What's your "Dream Pet"?
    mine.jpg my panda.jpg
  2. OMG your dream ponies are GORGEOUS!!

    I already found my dream pet =) My little JRT in my signature :love:
  3. how cute is he lol. i have a fabulous cat as well, and i always wanted a big maine coon kitty :love: and i have one now hehe!
  4. hmmm my dream pets = my 5 dogs and 1 cat :smile:
  5. My dream pets are my pugs. I wanted a pug for years and ended up finally getting one about 2 years ago. Now I have 3 of them!

    PS. Fresians are beautiful!
  6. Your dream horses are very beautiful!!:tup:
    My dream dogs were rottweilers, I now have two, the first is Arnie I got him in Dec 2005, hes now 19 months and weighs about 60kg, hes a very big dog with not very much common sense, he is quite simply a big goofball. My second dog is Jess, she is now 10months old and very intelligent, can open doors, etc. Jess's father and Arnie are half brothers. Although they are so different, I love them both :heart:::love::heart:
  7. Your dream ponies are beautiful! I always wanted to have a pony when I was a kid, but yours is much more beautiful than what I had in mind :tup:

    For now, my doxie exceeds what I expect from him as a pet, he made me treat him just like my own baby. He made my life more colorful :okay: I wish I could have more dogs as his brothers/sisters in the future so he wont be lonely when im not around :yes:
  8. everyones doggies are delish.

    i've always wanted a few different breeds of dogs, a few of which my mother currently owns. Bulldogs and Pugs to be a few. i also have a thing for pitbulls and boxers, but pitbulls are on the top of the list. i've seen some beautifully trained pits, and there was never a better experience that to see the owners interact with them!

    one day i'll have a pack of dogs in my back yard LOL! (when i have a yard the size of a football field ;) big dreams eh?)
  9. I have my dream pets now, however I would love to have a field of miniature ponies one day. :smile:
  10. My dream pet is a chihuahua but my bf said that they look like alien(how rude) and will never have them. I think i would just buy him one day and bring him back home. i am sure my bf will change his mind if he only play with one. They are so cute(may be not so cuddly).I will buy matching Gucci dog bed and bag for him too (dreaming)
  11. aww i was driving through the country with my roomie when it first got nice down some roads we'd never been on, and we drove by a field of falabella's! or some breed SO small that they were EXTREMELY close in relation to. they also had babies it was SO cute!

    here's a cute pic of a draft horse next to a falabella :yes:


    and another next to a shire, also a draft horse... aren't they precious?? you can keep them in your house like a dog! it's true~!

  12. i'd deck my cats out in coach if they had coach kitty stuff but they don't!~
  13. Ahhh! so cute!! and the truth is, I prolly would want to keep my little pony in my house too! hahaha
  14. Gorgeous pics. I always had a thing for Fresians. Such a majestic looking breed. My dream animal would be a Fresian as well. But, I just don't have the time to take care of one.

    In terms of dogs I always wanted American Pit Bull Terriers. Now that I have two I can't help but want more.
  15. omg... Now that is what I call a dream pet.