**Your Dream Job(s)***


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Dec 1, 2005
Describe your dream job. Is there a career that you are so passionate about that you would do it regardless of how much it pays? It could be a fun job such as a circus clown or a powerful job such as becoming a President or Prime Minister of a country.

I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks for sharing.
Restauranteur - high-end steak/seafood.


Prison Psychologist - pretty self-explanatory and what I went to/am going to school for (for the past 6 years -ugh), just can't imagine doing 4 more years (probaly turn into 12 more years) of school to get the PhD. :sad2:
I was thinking about posting a topic similar to this a few days ago :biggrin:

My dream job would be a foreign correspondent for TV news, or a newspaper or magazine (think The Washington Post or Newsweek). I'd love Andrea Mitchell's job on NBC Nightly News. I had the intentions of eventually doing this when I started college, but I didn't go after the internships and opportunities as aggressively as I should have. I had good internships, but I didn't jump on some great opportunities and doors that opened for me. But, I enjoy my job and I have a great boyfriend and life here in Orlando. Things definitely would have been different!
CEO of Viacom.

but, on a more realistic note, I'd like to work for a high-profile PR firm, and eventually run that firm, or open up my own. Same goes for Advertising. Basically I want to be in charge of a big organization. :smile:

I can't wait for college gradutation. :smile:
i'd love to be vogue accessories editor. i think that would be pretty bad-ass. i'm in school for magazine journalism...i'm thinking of getting a photojournalism emphasis. i'd also love to be a boutique owner.

i've assumed all my life that i'd become an attorney, though, but that option looks less and less attractive by the day.
Being Rachel Ray and getting to eat lots of free food and travel around to eat even more food, plus getting paid major bucks to smile and cook food.

I've always wanted to be a war photographer, but they've got a pretty high on job fatality rate.

And.. I guess my career path will lead me pretty close to my dream job, of human rights law @
Ohh yes, I wish I was pretty enough to be a model!

But since I'm not...my dream job would be a journalist. I'm positive I'm going to be writing my entire life even if it's not my job, because it's so much a part of me.
A marine biologist in Cairns, Australia studying about the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately, I'm way too far from that dream right now. I'm in the total opposite end: law. :lol:
getting away from the TV-industry I worked almost all my life in and getting a Marketing Manager job with a blue chip company. In 21/2 years I'll hopefully be there because I am doing my B.A for economics/marketing at night college. Just maths and statistics is driving me crazy right now;-(