Your Dream Bag -- For Today, At Least!

  1. When I purchase a bag, I start dreaming of my next. What bag are you longing for now? As for me, I'm dreaming of . . . a blueberry box.
  2. Ok~ so I'm not alone!!! I would like an '03 black city or voyage!!!!!!!!
  3. apple green city, in mint condition, at a decent price.:wondering
  4. Oh, check the Achtung section. I think you might find one that just popped up on EBay.
  5. 04 lilac weekender :shame:
  6. Thanks, that is exactly the kind of condition I am looking for but it's a first, not a city. Thanks for your nice thought anyway :heart:
  7. hmmm, theres a Magenta shoulder calling to me very loudly...and I would love a Pink City and a Brown City...although the few Apple Green ones I've seen lately are awesome...oh hell, just get me one of each.
  8. now i'm dreaming of a '03 or '04 weekender/office (colour's not decided yet :P )
    but i'm broke now... :crybaby: so maybe it's still going to be a dream for some times
  9. I have been dreaming this since last year, '05 Rouge City in a mint condition with a reasonable price.:drool: I think BalNY also called it Berry Red? Am i right?:s
  10. There are several that I would love to have but the one that stands above all the others is the pebbled bag that Mimz has in the photo thread. That bag is WOW. :heart:
  11. puuuhhh . . . even I'm on a bag ban right now :hysteric: . . . there's a 'next' bag in my dreams :rolleyes: - I'm dreaming on a '05 turquoise city or twiggy in good condition :yes: :drool: !! I've this color already in the 'mini twiggy' - it's a really lovely, sweet bag, but definitely too small for each day wearing ;)
  12.'s adorable:love:

    i really want a bigger ,more colourful bbag..
    magenta or rouge vif, work or even weekender!:graucho::jammin:
  13. For today, I'm completely content with my Bbags. :ninja:

    I hope I stay this way for a while... I can't afford to covet right now. :lol:
  14. my dream bag is that Balenciaga comes out with a White City with silver hardware next spring:drool:
  15. I need a 2005 Day in Taupe....fairly badly.