Your Dooney Wishlist!

  1. -All Weather Leather Domed Satchel (any color)
    -Signature Anniversary Medium East-West Slouch bag (black/black; I have in black/taupe)
    -Bolero Bag (brown and black)
    -Nile Domed Satchel (any color other than brown or black)
    -Texas flap wristlet
    -It Treo case
  2. * Drawstring slouch

    * All Weather leather domed satchel in Ivy

    * All weather leather medium tassel
  3. Picnic Green Medium Domed Tassel Satchel

    Something Croco in a lavish VIBRANT green hue (i'm crossing my fingers they come out with more :drool: )
    If they take too long with green, something in a nice bright Blue, Croco :drool:

    The Lock Sac (haven't decided the size yet, sm, med, lg... deciding factor will be the funds at the time i decide to buy it or not ;) )

    Mini Bubble Umbrella

    A few wristlets in various fun patterns such as Mini Bubble, It (i'm not big on that pattern but i'd like something in my collection with it ;) in black), Madras, and Picnic... and MAYBE the Bees, with the same concept as the It. (if i was rich and famous i'd collect flap wristlets in every color and every pattern... hardy har @ that lol)

    Green Croco Medium Wristlet

    Various Keyfobs (heart, square, circle)

    DB Notebook in various colors

    DB Barbie because i'm a gigantic kid at heart (i'd never buy it realistically but this is a WISH list which to me means an I FREAKIN WISH list lol!)

    the It rolling trunk in black

    the Madras Large Tote or Large Sac for the beach!

    Medium Croco Travel Duffel in a deep red which they DON'T have right now (and i'd probably want a bag to match lol)

    The NEW Nubuck Satchel

    The Alto Doctor Satchel

    The Alto Mini Double Handle Pocket Tote

    The Alto Drawstring (for my friend Kayleigh)

    *scrolls up*

    *scrolls back down*

    i have issues. this list is not to be taken seriously as if i will be purchasing all of that LOL. i wish. i know i want the Lock Sac and i know i want the green picnic domed satchel... i need help lol i just fantasized owning all that, what a kook i am! LOL

  4. Someday I am going to find a flap satchel. I don't know what color or leather but I am going to get one. The only one I have seen is too small, Alto in a pretty green at TJMaxx. I am partial to red as well.
  5. I want to get the madras large tote for a summer/work bag. I like the annalisa leather too.
  6. :love: annalisa leather :love:
  7. Wishlist Under Construction...
    Updates Coming Soon...
    To a Dooney Thread Near You!

  8. Large Zebra Sak, matching wallet.

    I'd also love to have the real croc bag.
  9. Because I can't have one - I would like the following:

    Large Quilt Medium Hobo
    Small Lock Sac
  10. now i'm not sure if we'll ever be able to find this bag again, but mr.dooney fell in love with a large black messanger style/ briefcase type deal at the Dooney Factory Store.... it was about 400 bucks (but that was outlet price) i wonder if he'll ever get that :girlsigh:
  11. I ordered a blue AWL domed satchel online and I should get it this week!
  12. Large or medium Annalisa loc-sac in camel

    Maybe a large quilt tote in mushroom or black
  13. patent mini top zip, in burgandy.

    it's the perfect bag to match some heels i got a few seasons back.
  14. Alto Doctor Satchel in Marine Blue -- such a classic shape and in such a classic, but at the same time, different, color!
  15. Last week I purchased two AWL domed bags, one in black and one in blue, I have the black one already! I also found a brown and black bolero bag for a GOOD price, and it should be shipped to me later in the week! I'll post pics of my newly expanded family when all the family members get here! My collection is small, but it's growing!