Your dogs pedigree in pictures!


Góðan Daginn
Jun 9, 2011
I posted this on the shiba inu forum. But thought it would be fun to do here with all kinds of dogs! Also doggies without pedigrees can post here, just fill in their calling names + brothers and sisters etc can also be added on the pedigree!

This is Kenta's pedigree, he is jorishiro do shinto-shimizu. I just can't find pictures of 4 other dogs, 3 of the them stopped breeding and the mother doesn't have a photo online, because the breeders website is down :sad: hope to be able to finish his pedigree one day...

Aug 20, 2006
I think this is a very cool idea.

We adopted Diamond and we recently found out who her breeder is and her name etc.

Diamond's registered name was: Melaw Asprie Agupie and she is registered with the Kennel Club where we live. It was so fantastic to know our little girl has a history and a background to her.

I'd love to get more info about her pedigree and where her sister is etc.

I hope others post their dog's pedigree if they know it.