Your Diors in Action!

  1. Thank you averagejoe. I'm eyeing the Miss Dior and can't wait to expend the family :biggrin:
  2. Thank you tutushopper :smile:
  3. Let me enable you a bit...with this picture! It's one of the most adorable bags I've ever seen. The pinky beige and lilac tweed is to die for!
    Dior Miss Dior pinky beige tweed w lilac 1.jpg
  4. This was the Tweed they had on display at the Dior I went to. I was pleasantly surprised how soft the tweed was but I never opened to check what color lamb skin inside
  5. It's got pinky beige AND lilac lambskin inside. :drool::drool::drool:
    Dior Miss Dior pinky beige tweed w lilac 3.jpg
  6. Very pretty, so ladylike. Thanks for the pic. They had a few light pink Diorlings there and I saw the Milly close up in beige. It was so puffy, it reminded me of a down coat lol. I need to go back and look around better now that I know some of the names of the bags now
  7. just back home after 4 years in Japan ~~!!

    here are my last shots with cherry blossoms in Tokyo few weeks ago :biggrin:

    vivienne tam oriental grey coat
    dior plisse samourai 1947 bag in brown
    DSC03471.JPG DSC03475.JPG DSC03679.jpg
  8. Welcome home, Kelly! :flowers::flowers::flowers: Gorgeous photos as always, and stunning Samourai! :love:
  9. Loving your modelling pics, Kellyng! You always choose such beautiful backgrounds!
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    Yesterday in London with my scarf ( miss the city already ):shrugs:

  11. Gorgeous photos as always kelly! I looooove your dior samourai collection. So exquisite!
  12. thanks dear!!! :hugs::heart: but i only stay here for 4 months and will fly to taiwan for master course:p

    thanks for your sweet compliment,joe! i'm still waiting for your mod pics!!!:graucho:

    thanks for praising,nico!! but i had problem while trying to bring them all back to my hometown as the postal service in my country isn't good :push:
  13. Deborah,love your outfit~!! did you bring your lovely red LD along?:biggrin:
    ive never been to London before,hope i can get there one day!
  14. Lovely scarf!
  15. this bag is just lovely!