Your Diors in Action!

  1. Your outfits are adorable! I especially love the way you matched the light pink with a blue outfit.

    Loving all of your Diors! :biggrin:
  2. Love your miss Dior and limited lady!
    Dior always have the most beautiful shades of pinks to choose from! :smile:
  3. My 1st Lady Dior and mini Dior family.
    image-2865410629.jpg image-1335614495.jpg image-3874211838.jpg
  4. Love love your bags !!! You look great with the bag.
  5. Thanks for the compliments! :smile:
  6. Love that color
  7. Having coffee and breakfast at panera

  8. OMG!!!! This is perfect because I've always wanted to know how the lilac would look on person. Love it!!
  9. Lovely collection! May I ask how much the limited lady is?
  10. Are we going to be bag twins? :smile:
  11. Hahahaha I'll post pics once I receive my lilac too!!! Btw, how useful is the new lock pochette? I'm thinking about getting it in the regular lambskin/patent.
  12. Beautiful and the LD looks fabulous on you! Congrats!
  13. That lilac LD is absolutely breathtaking I am soooooooo jealous!!!!
  14. Wow the lavender is so pretty!
  15. Simply lovely :biggrin: