Your Diors in Action!

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  1. My new Christian Dior Oblique Shawl/Throw
  2. At a children’s charity event .I love her the bag ..that is
    3A382BE5-411C-45A8-944C-25086534B87B.jpeg 2C9AC589-AA0E-499B-8D80-0928CE3EF802.jpeg
  3. Gorgeous
  4. 20190118_191530.jpg
    Just doing a bit of shoe shopping with my Lady Dior :graucho:
  5. Running some errands with LD amaranth.
    Versatility of LD.. can be dress up or dress down.

  6. In the middle of packing for a short trip, my girl cat just sat there and sometimes was trying to catch my attention.

    She is just too cute....I couldnt help myself so I took a couple of photos.:heart: Hope you like it !

    Dior Dioreve floral embroidered lace booties with kitten heels and Chanel ballet flats with lace mesh underlay.
    50437888_773699383015817_3473733346725462016_n.jpg 50474604_343035773216821_6765073356673777664_n.jpg 50549071_1863957030394270_5153816100701470720_n.jpg 50586638_313469582633189_21310098714394624_n.jpg
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  7. Such a cute cat, in that first pic, from the look on her face, I would expect her to make a grab with her paw for anything passing her :lol:
  8. Indeed lol! She is always curious and loves poking her paws into shoes and bags.:lol:
    I also have a male cat, maybe it's because he is a guy, he doesnt care about my fashion goodies!:giggle:
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  9. Is that a Scottish Fold!? I used to have a tiny persian extreme :heart: I love fancy cats lol.
  10. Lil miss Pinkie hanging out with her furry friends :biggrin:
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  11. Soooo cute!!!!!:heart:
  12. yes, you have sharp eyes! I have 2 Scottish Folds, one girl and one boy. The one in the photo is girl, my little drama queen:lol:
    Glad to meet cat lover here, maybe time for you to get a new kitty?:graucho::heart:
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  13. Visiting the accountant today with my Diorama satchel IMG_1064.JPG

    I also ordered this chain strap from (excellent, quick, quality service). Love the canvas strap it came with as it’s very comfy but thought for less dress down occasions the chain would be a nice touch. What do you guys think?
  14. Out with Mr. Sparkle and my limited edition Diorama. Love then both! :love: 1102DC00-3733-4000-B218-15276EAF391C.jpeg
  15. This is just one unique, gorgeous piece!