Your Diors in Action!

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  1. It is lovely. I also love your nails, so fun.
  2. Moseying around Harvey Nichols with my Lady Dior Supple...

  3. Thank you!!! :love::love:
  4. In all my time on tpf I’ve never seen you in HN or Selfridges when I go there :lol:
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  5. Hahaha. I’m more of a Harrods boy to be fair...
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  6. Love the way this Dior bag pops against this printed dress! :heart::flowers: dior 2.jpg
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  7. [​IMG]
    Having tea at Dior boutique
  8. Walking around Harvey Nicks with my large Diorama...

  9. Trying my cardigan for my fantasy life
    I have no idea how people wear coats, cardigans and jackets
    It is beyond warm and humid here
    Reality is wearing usual bike gear
    E6ECB932-1AEB-4E00-B592-1988957789E7.jpeg 21D8F82C-9977-4F27-A815-BF4BDE0A3BD5.jpeg
  10. Stunning
  11. Bar / restaurant / club hopping with Mr. S.
    Mink, sparkles, sequins and Dior! BD40495C-21F9-45D8-8313-867605ACEA49.jpeg
  12. Flying back from a holiday with some of my Dior pieces...

  13. Going to work with these beauties :biggrin:
  14. Having breakfast with my Dior saddle bag :biggrin:
  15. Out with my Toile De Jouy Clutch 20190105_205703.jpg