Your Diors in Action!

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  1. Beautiful bag! And now that I have the opportunity to ask, what symbol is that on your face? I assume it is religious? I see it here and there now a days but I have never had a chance to ask any more about it! :smile:
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  2. It’s the religious symbol of Hinduism.
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  4. Thanks, Thenewestgirl :smile:. And about my watermark, true like HKsai said it’s the “OM” spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism ^_^.
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  5. IMG_1262.jpg IMG_1289.jpg IMG_1312.jpg

    My lovely Dior D-fence in white with gold hardware!
  6. I was so afraid to use this bag at first but the Apple guard I used on it made it so easy to take off any stains or color transfer. :smile: 3A85D73C-50EC-4B58-8AF1-7CED2480FC7D.jpeg
  7. The bag cannot be seen but the dress is also Dior :smile:
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  9. lv dress
    dior pouch 5A4B3ADA-8CFA-4044-824E-723868BDEE83.jpeg
  10. Happy midweek!:nuts: On Wednesday we wear pink! :flowers::heart:
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  11. Sunday Funday with my large black Diorama with champagne gold hardware...

  12. 089E56FD-3769-4EAD-B791-A286D161C945.jpeg So many gorgeous pics on here!!! :flowers: Looking amazing, ladies and gents!
    Chilling at home, reading and correcting papers with my chocolate brown Lady Dior. So happy I have her!!!! :heart:
  13. out with my Dior Oui ring!! so excited to finally have one of my own DSC_0847~2.JPG