Your Diors in Action!

  1. pretty classy bag and outfit
  2. thanks for praising,joe!! did you get any dior bags for mum recently? id love to see;)

    thanks tutushopper!!! i remember saw your thread of a golden tweed miss dior but that time i was in a rush and didnt reply to your thread. pls post some modelling pics so i can drool over it :p

    thanks vink!!! thanks for your sweet compliment! you made my day!! :hugs:

    thanks meijen!!:biggrin:

    thanks for praising,krawford!! :biggrin:

    thanks chloe_c, i adore your collection as well!! there are so many classic beautiful pieces, hope to see more in the future!! :biggrin:
  3. thank you dear~~~thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment:cloud9:

    Nico,i see your " beautiful as always" :biggrin:
    really thanks for your sweet compliment!!! you made my day!!

    thanks Christofle,thanks for stopping by!!:hugs:

    shoesshoeshoes, thank you~~!!!!! :heart::heart:
  4. thank you dear!!! thanks for your sweet compliment!:biggrin:
  5. Ok a bit unconventional until I can replace the strap:amazed:
    Using my black strap with the red mini..yay or nay?

    jeez...seriously, does anyone know how to make these pictures smaller??:shocked:
  6. Not bad :smile: You've turned your one shade LD into a bicolor!
  7. Looks fine! The red goes well with the black.
  8. The bag is pretty! I believe I havent seen mini lady dior in red patent for a while! I so want 1 :sad:(
  9. Thanks JadeCrystal0610
    Mine is old - 99 I think - and they no longer make this combination (red w/ gold) BUT I just saw this in the "authenticate" thread.......just like mine but with a strap (waah!) It's being authenticated for someone - maybe you? (ok oops, it is you hee hee........hope it's real and you get it!)

  10. It was me!!! I was looking for one, but I wasn't sure it is authentic. I have been trying to ask the seller for additional pictures, but he/she didn't quite respond, so will see!
  11. That is adorable :smile:
  12. Took my Diorissimo out for the first time on my graduation
  13. Looks great on you and congrats on your graduation!!
  14. Love it and congrats on your graduation!
  15. you look great with your Diorissimo and congrats on your graduation.