Your Dior sunglasses

  1. Hi, just curious as to what Dior sunglasses everyone has, post pics! :smile:

    I'll post mine later...
  2. Here are my 2 Dior sunglasses so far...I gave my third pair to my mom (the DIor Airspeed in tortoise shell). These two sunglasses are the Dior Shlak sunglasses and (I think) are the coolest designer glasses around!!!




    I'll post the ad for these glasses which were displayed at the intersection of Victoria Park and Sheppard for almost 3 months (the ad which hypnotized me everytime I passed it!).
  3. THis is the ad! I don't remember which website I saved this from, but the true colors of the ad are a lot better than those in this scanned copy of the ad.

    Dior Schlak.jpg
  4. I think mine are called Dior Sparkling. They're kind of like aviators. I totally love them!!!
  5. oh i really like those mayday!

    I have three pairs (two being the ones i just bought on ebay :yes:)

    I have:

    [​IMG] Dior ski 5

    [​IMG] Dior bandage 1

    Your Dior 1

  6. here is the ad with Dior bandage :smile:

  7. Thanks justinleaddict!

    Wow cool sunglasses!!!! They're so trendy!
  8. Dior's ads are so nice! What a cool strong look!
  9. I have two pairs, the Gauchos and Glossys.
  10. hey u guys...

    do any of you have the links to any reputable ebay sellers' stores for Dior and other designer sunglasses?
  11. here are mine; the Overshine 2



    I love Dior sunnies :biggrin: I want the gauchos!!
  12. I have the Glossys in Black I love them!!!
  13. my first pair is actually dior :smile:


    :sad: i don't know what it's called though. it's clear frames, really dark blue so it almost appears black, and has a gradient tint on it.

    if anyone knows what its called please let me know! thanks. :smile: