Your Diaper Bag

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    Searching far and wide for the perfect diaper bag.

    Any recommendations?

    Show me a link to what you're using!

  2. There have been quite a few threads on this topic and opinions vary. I bought the Nest Grommet Bag(all-leather) when expecting my 2nd but it was so heavy that I ended up barely using it.

    So for my 3rd coming soon,I decided that the diaper bag had to be nylon or canvas.Unfortunately,I don't have access to all the bags available in the US since I live in Europe.

    I settled for the Anya Hindmarch Oakley diaper bag.If I could,I would have bought the Tory Burch baby bag,available on her website which doesn't ship outside the US.
  3. i just bought the jujube between. it's smaller and i think it will be the perfect size for me.
  4. Although I am not due until May and so therefore can't comment on practical usage, I did a lot of research prior to settling on my diaper bags - a JuJuBe Spicy for bigger outings, and a JuJuBe Between for smaller outings. I really love the quality and features of the JuJuBe bags, and I think that with these two I'll be pretty much covered! Good luck!
  5. I have the JuJuBe Be Spicy and it's great. Big enough for me to store diapers (around 6), a full packet of wipes, a packet of wet ones, 2 long-sleeve onsies, 2 bibs, diaper trash bags, and some make-up in the larger compartment. The Mommy section contains my large wallet, a seperate card holder, and keys. I also love the stroller straps when I am shopping.

    I did order the Be All and it was just too small for me, especially the mommy section. If we are going for a short trip I will just throw a diaper and some wipes in my purse.
  6. I don't spend alot when it comes to diaper bags. I tend to only use them for about 6 months and then I end up stuffing stuff into my purses which are usually big. For baby #2 I got my diaper bag at Target. All canvas so no worrying over stains etc and will be using it again for #3. They have really cute ones in the store and online. I would go check out the store. This one online is cute and apparently pretty functional.
  7. I have tons of diaper bags and bags. Until I found out about Jujube, I really wondered why I bothered with other brands. There's just nothing like them. I have tried JJB's Be All, Packabe, BeTween, Be Light, and BeSmart. I had Be All when baby was newborn and now finding myself liking the Packabe and BeSmarts more. They're totally machine washable, and have relatively high resale value as a used bag which I love.
  8. Thanks for the replies everyone! Keep 'em coming!
  9. While I was nursing I used my LV Palermo Gm bc I didn't carry bottles. Now DD is formula fed and I use a Not Rational Hansel. I cannot say enough good things about the bag!! The leather is sooooooo soft and DH can carry it and it doesn't look too feminine. I have it in gray and also really like the brown.
  10. another Ju Ju Be lover here! I have the beTween and I love it! I just threw it in the wash the other day and it came out beautiful! Such durable bags and the little touches to it are amazing!