your DH's co-worker

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  1. :suspiciou do you sometime feel unease when husband and his co-workers go dining out with customers more than he does with you:biggrin: , especially when there is a female co-worker involved. I know my DH very well, but somehow I get this feeling which I hate that can bring me down, you know what I mean. I don't want to sound jealous cause I hate that word.
  2. I hate it but I understand the need for my husband to socialize for his business. However, my husband is usually alone with the client so it's not like he's out partying with his 'friends." Perhaps you can set up something with your friends when he's out with his co-workers?
  3. My bf doesn't have to socialize with clients for his job (network technician for a mortgage company), but there is a girl in the loan department who likes him :suspiciou Supposedly he went out with a group for lunch a couple of months ago, and when someone asked if he had a girlfriend and he answered yes, she said, "Darn". :suspiciou If I hear of any more instances such as this, I plan on doing a surprise visit to his office over lunch one Friday, looking hot :amuse: :P

    moncherry, why not make plans with your DH for a romantic evening a couple of times a month? Just the two of you and lots of :love: I agree with happy, when he's out, make plans with friends, get pampered at a spa, do some shopping, or just relax at home with wine and a good book. Something that makes you feel good :nuts:
  4. Happy1 and Christina,

    Thanks for your replies..we do go out though, its just that I feel kind of funny and am currently hating myself for having this feeling. I know he's got to entertain his customers and all that. I guess you got a point there. I should just go out and have a good time with my friends too. I always do that on the weekend, cause I don't like to go out on the weekdays since I have a 3rd grader and a Kindergartener so my week is pretty much full with their schedules. As a matter of fact, I am going to have a day out with my GFs tomorrow, and probably do little of shopping:idea: . Thanks for all your great ideas. I know this forum is something else:love:
  5. lol, nice.

    Yeah something like this with my guy just went down last night :[ I'm still trying to deal with it because I trust him but it still hurts a little.
  6. I don't mind but I'd love to meet her just to be sure. He's never gone out with a group of friends that includes a girl that was single.