Your dh/so and comments about your bags!!

  1. I had to laugh -- tonight dh, dd and myself were heading to a local yummy seafood restaurant (another night I didn't feel like cooking:yes:)....and I was driving, my ostrich bolide was sitting near dh and I said to be careful as he bumped it...dh said "oh I like this one -- watch you'll probably sell it!" --- I laughed!!! He NEVER says much about my bags...he's well aware it's my thing...but never really comments about liking one and this just took me by surprise!!! I asked later why he said he liked it--and dd said "it kind of looks like a cowgirl bag" -- well okay...dh agreed and that was the was truly fun to hear that dh likes my ostrich!!!

    Any interesting comments your dh/so makes??!!
  2. The usual is "Be careful! Don't get it scratched!" or "Does that red bag go with what you are wearing?" LOL!
  3. Do eyerolls count? The man just does not understand bags. :lol: I swear he'd have me carry my belongings in a grocery bag if it were left up to him. The horror!!!!!:wtf:
  4. After just telling me he had to work abroad (Middle East) for 2 months: "I'm sorry. I'll bring you a present....How much is a Birkin?"

    Cue me finding it hard to breathe from laughing so hard :roflmfao:
  5. "Why do you need so many purses?"

    "Is that another new purse?"

    "Where did you get that?"


    - Cristina's boyfriend.
  6. LOL shoes! DH doesn't say much except to comment on the details of the bag--he'll scrutinize it to check out the leather and the stitching as he does appreciate the workmanship. He has quite an eagle's eye and can spot scuffs, inconsistencies, etc. Worse than me!
  7. Dh has said more than once "why do you need more than one bag?" -- and he never believes when I tell him I really don't have that many because I buy and sell them!! Oh and yesterday, dh wanted to know (after me getting after him to sell this old ugly car he has and doesn't use) why he has to sell a nice car when I have tons of bags that I don't use and won't sell -- huh?????
  8. Comment I'd like to hear in the future...someday..."Sweetheart, I bought you this Kelly just because" :tup:

    (It'll most likely be me saying it to myself but it's GONNA happen! ;) )
  9. yea....just this past wknd when i was getting ready for a wedding. he looked at me and said....

    DH: are you using your pink ostrich?
    me: no, i'm using the chanel
    DH: that's boring. i bet a croc kelly would look better!
    me: uh HELLO!!! i'm not stopping you from buying me one!!
    DH: ok, if i hit it big next wknd (in vegas), i'll get you one!

    yea right, we'll see about that....(not like one will magically appear!)
  10. Where are you finding these guys who say things like hey why dont I buy you a croc kelly?

    My BF usually just uses my handbags as an excuse out of anything he buys. Here's an example, he hates to do laundry so whenever he needs clothes he goes to the local department store and just buys like a dozen new shirts and a few pairs of pants. When I see him checking out I'll say something like, "Dont you already have 2 of that exact shirt" and his reply will be "how much did you pay for that handbag?" His other habit I haven't figure out yet is every tuesday when new DVD's come out, NEW MOVIE TUESDAY, he goes to Best Buy and buys one of EVERY single movie that came out. Even the Disney stuff and we are in our 30's with no kids. I remind him that we can just get them on ON Demand for 1/4 of the price but he doesn't care. Its funny cuz his living room looks like a Blockbuster.
  11. pbc good luck to your dh!!! I have worked dh up to thinking the cost of H bags are what LV bags are -- well this is a LOT for my dh lol!!! Even one ds knows and cannot believe what they 'think' my bags cost but hey - they have their toys...and my bags are I've said before, I'm just glad dh doesn't come home with a new Harley every other month!!!

    crochet -- I definitely take good care of me!! Can't wait for a man to do it!! (well some of us anyway lol!)...rene - they surely know how to stop us from talking more when they throw that question around of how much lol!!!
  12. DH..

    "when did you get that bag??"
    "how many bags do u have already?" (when questioning why i'm buying another"

    although he is quite funny, as when i am carrying my JPG and we are sitting down to eat.. the first thing he says is.. "Get that chair (from the other table) and put your bag on it.."..

  13. I frequently say this to myself....
  14. "Why don't you buy yourself one GOOD bag ?"

    (We're working on this statement)
  15. my H croc lovin' DH comes with a HUGE price....his opinionated, nosey, overbearing MOM lives with us!! :cursing: there are days ladies, when H isn't even worth it! i just have to remind myself "the croc kelly is at the end of the rainbow!!" and it's all good again! hahahahhaa :graucho: