Your DH or SO travel on planes alot?

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  1. Mine does for what his company spends on airline tickets he should have his own private plane!!..

    I found this neat website where I can track his plane from take off to landing it gives me peace of mind to know he got there safe. :heart: If any of you ladies would like to try it here you go its really easy to use..

    Welcome to FlyteComm
  2. What a neat website. I will be sure to use this in the future! Thanks for posting!
  3. he's scared to fly. Luckily electricians dont need to travel :yes:
    my mom on the otherhand, she travels ALOT for work. she just flew to houston today and will be retuning later this week, only to fly out again in a few weeks.
  4. Mine is on the go all the time. Mostly overseas. I will take a look at the site. Thanks!
  5. That's great! My DH travels alot as well and I am super paranoid about flying so I worry about him as well. Seriously though he calls me the moment the plane lands because otherwise he knows I am freaking out! LOL This is a great site though THANKS!
  6. My husband is a retired airline pilot, so he flew several times a week for 37 years. Before the days of cell phones and computers, there were some worries when weather was bad where he was flying, or other trouble going on.
  7. I'm the traveler in my relationship so I forwarded this on to my sweetie. Thanks! I'm usually the one watching the flight path on my monitor onboard the plane. BF just waits for the obligitory phone call from factory a few days later. LOL!

    I just calculated costs for bus. plane tickies - wow - $40K for 6 trips to Asia.. and I don't travel nearly as much as co-workers!

    OP: What does your hubby do? Sounds like he is in the air ALOT!
  8. A very hectic job with Time Warner in the air 40 weeks out of the year, I hate it but then again I love LV's:graucho:
  9. wow amamxr!!! thank u for posting that site!!! my DH travels every single week mon-thurs for work! been doing it for the past 9 yrs straight!! now i can track his flights while he's in the air!!! neat-o!!!
  10. What a neat website, thanks!!

    Bart usually flies 2 or 3 times a month within Europe and maybe once every two or three months outside of Europe.
  11. That is a great idea! I'm the one that travels though...I'll pass it along to the SO ;)
  12. My DH is on planes several times most weeks, gone for 3-5 days/week.
    I'll have to check this out!
  13. Hmm, Thx! My dh goes out of town alot too. In fact, he just left early this a.m. He also calls me to let me know he's ok as well.

    This'll be a useful site to ck. out! :yes:
    Thx again!;)
  14. Vlad and I both travel a ton... thanks for this website!!! :yes: :flowers:
  15. there's also another one Flightview ::: Homepage