Your Desert Island Handbag

  1. I was reorganizing all my bags in my closet earlier today and DH walks in and asks me, "if you could only take one of your bags on a deserted island, which bag would you take?" I looked in my closet at all my bags.... :shocked:


    Could you???? If you can, post a photo. I will too when I decide on one!
  2. ^ur avatar is from I did one too. :graucho:

    My desert bag must be my new moni moni splendor because it's very durable and dirt free (already looks dirty). pics are in this thread Actually I got it on Tuesday, but...

    add: oh I know you have a splendor, do you still keep it?
  3. As much as I love all my other ones, it would probably have to be my Vegas Paddy :yahoo:

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  4. My Bal Part Time, because it's so durable! And the leather can take a beating. Plus I can carry tons of stuff in it.
  5. My Cabas Mezzo, because it is comfortable, lightweight and it holds tons. It also has a zipper to keep the sand out. But boy I would sure be lonely without all my other babies....:crybaby:
  6. Whatever I could fit the most food and water into? LOL
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  7. I sold my splendor :sad:. I do miss her sometimes.
  8. Speedy 35! It holds a ton, looks fab and lasts decades!
  9. if only one-it'd have to be my balenciaga steel day although i can't imagine leaving my others :crybaby:
  10. That's an excellent question.

    Uh, hmm, maybe my red coach hobo because it's my favorite color and fairly versatile with it's adjustable strap.

    Unless I went with my red epi speedy.
  11. I think mine would be my red Belen Echandia Take Me Anywhere bag. It's big and organized enough to hold all the stuff I need for my stay, it can double as a pillow at night and I can wave it around so the guys in the rescue plane can find me.
  12. Wow - great thread!

    My favorite bag is my Fendi B. Bag. It's brown and black so it goes with everything I wear to work. But if I'm on a desert island, I'm probably sporting a "shipwreck" look, so the Fendi would be too dressy. Probably my Coach tortilla with the snake trim. I can wear it across my body, and it's roomy enough to hold lots of coconuts and bananas!
  13. [​IMG]

  14. yikes...i have no idea!!! now i'm going to be up ALL nite thinking....
    : )
  15. Something big enough to carry pineapples and coconuts in, I guess! :smile: