Your Daily Squirts ?

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  1. My favourite perfumes that I use during the week are:

    Caleche by Hermes
    Amerige de Givenchy
    Chanel #19
    Angel by Thierry Mugler
    Ines de la Fressange

    And my weekend favourite perfumes are Dolce & Gabbana, Tresor,Celine and For Ever & Ever by Christian Dior.

    What are your favourite perfumes ? :love:
  2. i wear Chanel No. 5 elixir sensuel (it's the oil-based version and smellls ever so slightly different) every day, it's my favorite ever.

    D&G Light Blue smells wonderful on others but not on me.
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  3. In Love Again by YSL
    Kate Spade by (guess who)
    Lily by Christan Dior
    Intial by Boucheron
    Hypnotic Poison by Dior
    Merveille by Hermes

    etc. i love perfume!
  4. i use only one perfume, but i change it every six months or so. currently i'm using j'adore by dior.
  5. Island by Michael Kors. Smells yummy :biggrin:
  6. I've been really liking "Lovely" by SJP, it's so light and feminine. When it gets to be beachy weather "Rockin' Rio" by Escada is amazing. It's verrrry sweet and fruity. I'm not a HUGE perfume girl, I don't like to knock people out with my scent. :-P
  7. I guess I'm pretty boring because I just wear "Relaxing Fragrance" by Shiseido and for the evening "Amarige" Givenchy
  8. Michael by Michael Kors
    and Happy by Clinique
  9. depending on my allergies are's either Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue or Chance by Chanel.
  10. I love fragrances, this week was like Christmas! I had a box I packed up the last move or so and forgot about - I knew it had fragrances in it but I thought mostly small or mostly empty bottles.... I opened it up and it was a surprise! I had mostly full bottles and one unopened Eternity even. I haven't bought many fragrances for a while, just using one or two but now I have a whole buffet of scents again!

    My favourites:
    Paloma Picasso
    Paloma's Tentation

    I love spicy type scents mostly. Even if I"m just at home by myself I will spray some on, it really is like aroma therapy and makes me feel nice.

    Sometimes I squirt my pillow :smile: lol

    Mostly I use Paloma Picasso and Obsession.
  11. Right now I'm using Marc Jacobs pretty much every day. Also like bobbi brown perfume ("Bobbi") and for going out at night, "Pink Mat" by Masaki Matsushima.
  12. Safari by Ralph Lauren
    Angel by Mugler
    Allure by Chanel
    Dior Addict
    Pure Poison by Dior
  13. So in Love, Victoria's Secret
    Lovely, Sara Jessica Parker
    Amarige by Givenchy
    Happiness by Clinique
  14. Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein
    Envy Me by Gucci
    Premier Jour by Nina Ricci
    Very Irresistible by Givenchy
  15. Obsession
    Burberry Brit
    BCBG Star
    Dream Angels Heavenly Victoria Secret