Your current H drama/trauma...

  1. What is your current H drama/trauma???

    This or that...what are you thinking about...focused on...obsessed with???
  2. Mods...OMG...please correct spelling of trauma in thread now traumatized...losing my mind...all that...
  3. Im trying to get my first Birkin before the price increase. :crybaby:I check the inventory thread everyday....but no one has mentioned seeing one.
  4. My sa is trying to get me to buy a HAC and I'm so tempted.

    I'm sold on the size and the look. This bag makes me look slimmer!

    If the right combo comes along, I'll take it.

    I'm looking for a 32cm, in BJ w PH, rouge vif or orange any hw. Any leather except epsom or swift. I'll take a white epsom with GH thou. I am so picky!

    The one that I tried on was a rouge H in fjord, a lovely leather but the colour was too muted for me.
  5. mine is staying OUT of Hermes stopping myself from hitting the BIN for anymore scarves.
  6. Just trying to be financially disciplined! Always an ongoing battle:push::crybaby:
  7. Hah yah, my sa keeps pressuring me about the price increase. What can I do if they don't have what I want! :crybaby:
  8. I'm a little traumatized that I missed my chance at a great Massai GM not so lost ago.

    And there is great drama for me w/ the clutch situation, scouring around looking for any 40cms. and whether my SO will arive prior to price increase although I am pretty sure it will not...
  9. Thinking out loud:girlsigh:
    Why I am not googoo gaa gaa over my Birkin that was supposed to be my "Grail" handbag which now sits in my closet as I consistently reach for my Picotins?:confused1:
  10. Amamxr, it might be because of wintry weather, if you're having it there? I haven't been carrying my "big" bags lately either due to constant rain and/or snow here.

    I have no current drama related to H-seeking at the moment.
  11. well kind of drama. i sincerely hope that one pair of pants i ordered (and downpayed for) fit as usual :sweatdrop:
  12. It's because you view your Birkin as too precious. You don't want to use it for fear of spoiling it. The solution? Get yourself a second Birkin, and the first won't seem so precious anymore.

    I'm serious.
  13. I am debating whether to keep the H that I just ordered or to send it back and save for something better...:shrugs:
  14. Mine is whether or not to keep my black Clemence Birkin now that I have the Havane Swift! GAH!!!!!
  15. S'Mom, no, you should send it to me. :p It's the last day of Hanukkah after all!

    coco-nut, I think she has several Birkins.