Your current collection

  1. Ladies, you have some awsome collections with lovely lining combinations :biggrin:

    This make think back some 3 yrs ago when BE began with their single custom-made bags. I remember reading on their site that there were also Red, Silver and Dark Grey linings to choose from, but this info was sort of stashed away in some little 'corner' ...I asked the forum about these, but nobody had really a bag in any of these colours, so I thought 'why not try these linings?'

    When I recieved the bags, it was a bit strange not to see the Fuchsia lining at first, but it grew on me..and others..and now we can have what ever lining we want!;)

    I think I have 20 + BE bags, and with my CTS flaring up at the momnet, I will refrain from listing them, but enjoy, what you all have in stock!!
  2. My tiny weeny collection:
    1. Angel Purse in Dark Purple/silver hardware
    2. Treasure Me in Pebbled Cream/silver hardware
    3. Protect Me in Hot Pink/Silver Hardware
    4. Protect Me in Choco Matte/silver hardware
    5. Kiss Me in Red/silver hardware
    6. Take Me Everywhere in Sheen Turqouise/silver hardware

    Angel Purse in Pebbled Choco/silver hardware(I think)

    Kiss Me in Crash Pewter/Silver hardware
  3. Nunnla, I was actually thinking of you when I started this thread. You have some great bags but you mentioned that you had sold 2 recently and I know others have been rehomed. It's great to see everyone's stuff, pre-loved or not!
  4. O-Deb-DO! What a collection. I really want to see the Blue Crash Be Mine Mini - I had originally wanted this combo but switched to a Treasure Me and the Kiwi Sheen TMA Original sounds fab.
  5. A TMA lover after my own heart. I love your garden pic. Did you rehome your Turquoise TME?
  6. Hildie, you've had several styles now if I remember your past reveals, Enchant Me, Rock Me etc. What did/did not work for you?
  7. Yes I did. I did not used it that much, so she's going to a new mama.
  8. My collection

    TME x 6 in taupe matt, milk choc pebbled luxe, red glossy, gold mottled, plum crash and turquoise sheen

    Hold Me x 3 in pewter, dark blue crash and tan soft matt

    MMS midi in pewter

    Treasure Me in tan soft matt

    Kiss Me x 2 kiwi sheen and pewter

    Zipped purse in purple pebbled

    Protect Me in red sheen

    I have a BEC Charm Me midi in dark blue crash arriving in a week or so.

  9. Well, shucks, it just isn't anything like some of you amazing Belenistas but I love, love each and every one of these leather lovlies.

    Odebdo....I can't wait to see your TMA original in Kiwi. I ALMOST ordered that same bag when I found out I couldn't do the pumpkin/brass in that style. Really, came THIS close! I am really looking forward to your reveal.
  10. I'm just re reading this thread and admiring everyone's collections, BE do such great designs, leathers and colours :biggrin:
  11. My treasured collection:

    Love Me Mini dark navy glossy, red lining, silver hardware
    Love Me Midi root luxe pebbled, fuchsia lining, brass hardware

    I'm Beautiful Midi pewter crash, fuchsia lining,silver hardware
    Hold Me pewter crash, purple lining, silver hardware

    Protect Me pewter crash, silver hardware
    Hug Me Midi black crash, dark beige lining, brass hardware

    Whisper To Me Midi berry, silver hardware

    Question : :?:
    what is the difference between pewter crash and mottled silver; can someone tell me?
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    I'm just going to list my BE collection for now. Maybe pics will follow;)

    LMM chocolate matte, gold hw, all of my bags have the fuchsia lining
    LMM black crash, silver hw
    LMM cream shimmer, gold hw
    SMM tan matte gold hw
    TME wine sheen, silver hw
    EMM port pebbled, silver hw
    EM tan matte, silver hw
    IM nutmeg velvet matte, brass hw

    I am thinking about a Tote Me in some type of black, shimmer or crash, perhaps. I like my black bags to have some texture. Opinions are most welcome!
  13. Mottled Silver has similar leather as the Mottled Gold..and very uniform in colour. Pewter has a similar surface as the Black crash.
  14. Pollux - what a nice collection you are building. Did the WTM not work for you or was it the colour/leather?

    Bon has answered you about the difference between Pewter and Silver but I'll add that the Pewter calms and becomes less silver while the mottled silver calms but remains resolutely silver - it doesn't seem to have the chameleon qualities of Pewter.
  15. I am looking forward to getting it! It is a new BE style for when I get it, I'll be sure to post pictures and my thoughts on it! Still has not arrived from Italy to be shipped yet...