Your Current Bal *Wishlist*!Come in and share!

  1. well i thought it would be FUN to have a thread about which Balenciaga Bags are on your want list!!!

    List colours and styles!!! :amuse:

    as for me - i think everyone knows i'm after a

    :heart: Turquoise 05 First :heart:

    Whats on your balenicaga list?????
  2. Rose & eggplant firsts!
  3. apple green city or classique!
  4. :heart: seafoam city (or twiggy)
    :heart: pistachio city (or first )
    :heart: sky blue city

    if i had all those bags (or if i found just one of them) i would be in heaven!!:love:
  5. seafoam first :love:
    pistachio first :heart:
    tuquoise 04 first :heart:
  6. I'm waiting for the fall colours, planning to get a grenat city, if the colour is as rich as I hope...

    But currently I have some serious balenciaga buyers remorse, having bought more than I can use (3 firsts) in a short time, so I will have to decide which ones to keep before getting any more...
  7. pistachio twiggy or first....:heart: :rolleyes:

  8. Oh Helen, that's a fantastic thread :love: !! It's a '05 turquoise First in eBay now with a good price: 6878327781 !! Good luck ;) !
  9. I'm still looking for a:
    :heart: '04 Lilac City :heart: !
  10. :love: this thread! my wantlist so far:

    - ink twiggy
    - pewter classique
    - rose classique
  12. Grenat City!
  13. - Teal work :love: :heart:
    - Apple Green City
    - Ink City or Twiggy
  14. Dolma or Origan City for me.
  15. Oh boy, where do I start??

    04 Seafoam City or Classique
    05 Pewter Classique
    05 Indigo City
    05 Apple Green City or Classique
    06 Ink Work or Twiggy (After seeing Lindsay Lohans:love: )