your curent coach wishlist?

  1. hey girls! long time no talking!
    what are you craving?!

    i just satisfied my shoe urge with gold travel flats, striped flats, and black medallion flats.

    i am LOVING the resort collectioN!
    maybe the bleeker small leather hobo?
    i love the madison striped clutch and the metallic clutch...
    i'm seriously thinking of the resort tote and wallet..
    i'm thinking of the mediallion necklace and earrings, watch necklace, daphne cross and pendant necklaces, or daphne snap head neclaces
    maybe the skull keyfob, dice charm, and hte R and T charms, ocelot scarf

    i need to go check this out!
  2. Hmmm, after what I'm getting for my bday on Tuesday (British tan gallery tote, matching wristlet, Bleecker tan checkbook wallet), and Christmas (juniper legacy shoulder bag, matching wristlet, coral red hamptons signature carryall, perfume, body lotion, gift card!) I think my wishlist for the moment has been fulfilled and then some! I'm looking forward to seeing the pleated ergos in the spring, and whatever new legacy stuff comes out in the coming months. Oh and new accessories. Love accessories!
  3. -peony medium tote bag (all gone):crybaby:
    -peony wallet
    -Miranda earrings and necklace
    -Something in the Canary color.
    -strawberry charm
  4. Here's what's on my wishlist for the holidays:

    If Santa decides I've been naughty then the items I don't get will go on my 2008 wishlist with these items:
  5. tote - getting for christmas. wallet - purchasing with christmas money.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    tote/wallet - hopefully they'll have them at the outlet or maybe eBay w/ birthday money.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    idk how i'm getting these, but i NEED them!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [see signature for names.] :girlsigh:
  6. Well on my permanent wish list is
    [​IMG]and this[​IMG] and
    [​IMG][​IMG]only in pink... or both in gold...
    [​IMG]but in the mahogany to match!
    and also the new flower fob they're coming out with! it's too cute!
  7. Carly Med in either black or brown

    Signature stripe tote... black

    and gallery tote in brown

    Coach treo holder
  8. i want something in hot pink signature @!!!

    i also want the gold studded gallery tote, something in raisin leather and the gold woven flats, also something old legacy in light pink (i thought it was called rose but the new rose is red so i might of been mistaken)
  9. I want:

    In Black/Gunmetal to match my new skinny...

    Just because I want a teeny wallet/wristlet for nights out... :p

    I want another skinny! And I have too much black in my collection, so this should balance it out a bit... :biggrin:

    I WANNA JOIN THE CARLY CLUB! Won't be able to get this for a loooong while though... :sad:

    Sorry the pics are so huge...I resized them but they came out big.. :s
  10. Oh, so many things. Tattersal Agenda. White/Tan Resort Bleeker...Black leather Hamptons satchel or leather Bleeker of those really cute little mini-agenda keyfobs you can put pictures in (in red)...Bleeker checkbook wallet in khaki/coal...

    *martyred sigh* But I'm.....:banned: until after our move and I get a new job...
  11. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]and the Coach Scarlett sunnies which are not shown on the website.
  12. At the moment, I am not craving too much. I'm really curious to see whats coming out Dec 26th though. I want these 2 key fobs:

    and oh, I guess I wouldnt mind having this either :lol: